Long Term Firearm Arm Report on MSAR-INC STG-556 Limited Edition

MSAR STG-556 Limited Edition

Purchase Date: 2008

Production Date on firearm:    2008

Approximate total amount of rounds through firearm:    2500

Current Status:    Excellent

Shooting Dates:

4/13/2008 -Garland outdoor range / 300 rounds of reload ammo / failures/jams-none /accuracy -exceptional

6/21/2008 -Elm Fork Gun Range / 300 rounds of factory 55 grain ammo / failures/james-none /accuracy -exceptional

Shooting Year 2009- Approximately 2000 rounds shot through weapon over the year, all were Wolf .223 ammunition/ failures/jams-non / accuracy-exceptional

Replaced Parts during ownership of Firearms:


Jamming Performance:    Excellent, None Noted

Accuracy:    Excellent -Firearm can produce nearly a 1.0-1.5 MOA at 50 yards with all 42-rounds hitting within this zone!  At 50 yards I tore the center of the target out and could just see sunlight at the range.  I am looking at about 1.0-1.5 MOA at 100 yards.  I will run a more detailed range shoot to get this a bit more accurate.

Broken Parts/Damage Report:    None


Other notes to talk about:    This is the limited edition version of the MSAR-INC STG-556.  This comes complete with custom cut pelican case, 42, 30, 20 and 10 round magazines, collectible knife and sheath, 1.5x magnifier scope. 3 point sling.  This gun had the worst initial zero I have ever seen on a firearm.  The windage was off by 50 yards!  I have some funny stories about that since I had no idea initial it was that far off.  The iron sites on top of the handle optics were pretty much zeroed in from the manufacturer.  So I want everyone to be aware of this since I started to question my own shooting with the optics.  I've wanted to own a Steyr AUG for nearly 20 years now and this is a vast improvement over the original design.  My opinion of this gun so far is ANY police department needs to SERIOUSLY consider this weapon.  The bullpup compact design makes it very friendly for upfront mounting in a squad car.  The compact design is excellent for close quarters.  I will problem even take this over my S&W M&P15T when I take my next carbine training course.  The small nature of this weapon is incredibly fast to pop up and shoot with.

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