Purchase Date: 2009

Production Date on firearm:    2009

Approximate total amount of rounds through firearm:    2000

Current Status:    Excellent

Shooting Dates:

Shooting Year 2009- Approximately 2000 rounds shot through weapon over the year, all were Wolf .223 ammunition/ failures/jams-non / accuracy-exceptional

Shooting Year 2010- Approximately 1200 rounds of Wolf .223 ammunition.  Taken on various CQB training with firearm and it continually out performs other platforms at the shoots.  Have replaced Eotech 512 system with Aimpoint CompML3 system and am happier with the change.  I am currently still using an Eotech 3x Magnifier with Flip to side mount for courses as my primary.  Going back and forth with the Eotech magnifier and the Aimpoint.

Replaced Parts during ownership of Firearms:


Jamming Performance:    Excellent, None Noted

Accuracy:    Excellent -This gun excels at standing shooting and fire and movement shooting.  The ability to get on target and recoil control makes it un-comparable to any other gun.  Some say this gun has the low recoil of a typical AR reduced to the point, you almost feel like you are shooting a .22LR rifle.  Because of this performance, the accuracy level of the gun is one of the best I have ever seen from an off the shelf production/non-custom rifle. 

Broken Parts/Damage Report:    None

Other notes to talk about:    This is a somewhat hard to find and a little more expensive gun than a typical AR.  Expect to pay at least twice as much as a comparible AR rifle.  The rifle comes with a lot more to be desired.  It comes with a "dipped" black magazine in desert tan (the bottom half of the magazine is tan and the top is black).  There is no sling, no tools, nothing besides the gun, one mag, manual and a cheap carboard box (think there is a traditional "lock" to use on the gun to lock it).  That being said, what it doesn't impress upon you for bundled components and sales presentation it makes up for at the range.  If you can afford to move up to this level of a gun, you need to buy it.  There is no other rifle I can compare this type of recoil control and accuracy.


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