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by Jessie Indracusin


The DSA TP-9 is actually an adaptation of a gun that was originally designed as the Steyr TMP-9 Machine Pistol.  The term "TMP" stands for Tactical Machine Pistol.  Since the TP-9 is Semi-automatic, we lose the "M"...damn.  This is a category of gun that is direct competitor to the Mini and Micro  Uzis, MAC 10/11 and every clone of the mentioned competitors.  The original design of the Steyr TMP-9 was a stable shooting platform for Executive Protection/Heads of State type protection.  It needed to be very small and concealable, yet be reliable.  The Steyr TMP-9 was really competitng more with the H&K MP5K, but a much smaller form factor.  It really is a bit of a radical gun.  

DSA took over production of these weapons in the United States.  They have maintained as close to the original feel of the Steyr TMP-9 down to the smallest detail.  The gun is made in Switzerland by Brugger and Thomet and imported in the United States by DSA. Because of the categorization of this gun as a pistol, a lot of the import laws went out the door for this gun.  This gun is, however, no longer produced by Steyr directly.  I am guessing Steyr may have sold the license to B&T.


The DSA TP-9 is a an excellent little combat system.  I constantly get questions about what is a good gun for home defense.  Well, if you don't routinely practice with your firearms and want something anyone can pick up, shoot and eventually kill an intruder with, a 30 round TP-9 will defintely do the job (and if 30-rounds isn't enough, I think Darwin's theory of Evolution and survival of the fitest comes into mind).  The gun comes with a hard case, sling, gun, 1 x 30 round clear magazine and 1 x 15 round clear magazine, manuals, etc.  The 15 round magazine is used to store the gun with a flush bottom.  The 30 round magazine will have the magazine stick out of the bottom.  There is a Picatinny rail (M-1913) system to allow the most common attachment of a flashlight, laser or flashlight/laser combo.  This gun comes with a rear block that allows attachment of a folding stock.  However, attaching a folding stock on this gun would be illegal since you would have to re-categorize this gun as an SBR.  If you did SBR this gun, since it would now be considered a short barrel rifle, the option is there.  I believe the same comment holds true for a forward pistol grip.  

 The gun has really no external moving parts.  All moving parts are internal to the gun.  What I am trying to say is their is no upper slide that moves on the gun.  There is an internal bolt system like you would have in any typical rifle.  If you recently watched "The International" (especially on Blue Ray where you can see this even more blatent), they are "suppose" to be firing TMP-9 guns.  However, when you look at the close up shot, you will notice the TP-9 markings on the side (just a lot of Hollywood Muzzle Special effects).  For those of you out there looking for an inexpensive addition that is a bit more exotic that can turn a few heads at the range, check out the TP-9.  The 9mmP bullets are fairly inexpensive (when you can find them).


There will be a follow up range video.  I had some initial problems with this gun when I first got it and fired it.  Here are some things I recommend if you get one and want to shoot it for the first time. Strip this gun down and properly lubricate it.  I can not stress this enough for this gun.  It really needs to be properly lubricated.  Also, I noticed that the first 200 rounds had some significant jamming issues.  This can be caused by one of two things.  The garbage ammunition I put into it (since I love to stress test a gun with reliability and junk ammo -Monarch 9mmP) and my thought of the spring just being a bit tight at first.  My remaining 50 rounds shot flawless through the gun.  I am schedule another range day with the gun before I make a final decision on reliability.  I will go back to firing some Monarch 9mmP through it again along with some recently purchased higher quality Winchester.  I am hopeful that I will have positive feedback since the end of my shooting day seemed to fix the minor kinks I had in the gun.  I mounted the LaRue LT Reflex sight on this gun and zeroed it in.  It will stay permamently on this gun from now on.  Look for an upcoming episode in the near future of the range day.  Now that I have the gun zeroed in, properly cleaned and lubricated, I will run the range day video.







 RELIABILITY: Insufficient Data currently



I gave it a slightly higher rating at 4 guns over 3 guns because of the multi-purpose nature of this gun.  It is small enough to "technically" carry slung under a jacket during the winter (since it is technically a pistol),  great option for keeping next to the bed for home defense and has a bit of a cool factor for a day at the range.  With a suggested retail of $1299, it sits well in people's budgets.  



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