This weeks episode is the range video of the new Steyr AUG produced in the United States.  Please click the READ MORE below to read the article and view the video link

Range Time Video on

New US Made Steyr AUG

by Jessie Indracusin


I will keep this fairly short since the video does a good job at explaining itself.  Please excuse the camera work since my camera man was running video on the article while his foot was in a cast.  The new US Made Steyr AUG is an excellent rifle and performs as expected.  I was not surprised when I encountered excellent accuracy and no jamming of this weapon running both factory ammunition from Black Hills and cheap reload ammunition I got at a gun show.  The reason I try to run cheap ammunition through all guns I review is because I believe most shooters do not have the luxury of shooting high grade ammunition all the time.  It is more important getting as much trigger time as possible, even if it is with ammunition that is not high performance ammunition.  In this Obama generation of shooting, ammunition is incredibly expensive and hard to get.  So it is VERY important that ANY gun you buy accept shooting any garbage ammunition you can find.

The shoot was a bit of a surprise to me.  I really was expecting the new US Made Steyr AUG to put the MSAR to shame.  The opposite actually ended up happening.  You can watch the video and it will explain this a bit more.  This is really, in my opinion, the fault of the inferior trigger system of the Steyr AUG over the MSAR trigger system.  The factory trigger of the MSAR is better than the Steyr.  On top of this, the MSAR costs about $400 to $500 less than the Steyr.  However, if your goal of buying this gun is to shoot it once a year and stick it in a closet as an investment gun, go with the Steyr since it will probably be worth more.  If you are buying this gun to actually shoot it, do some Combat Carbine courses, go with the MSAR instead.

I hope this video is helpful and if you can have the luxury of being able to test fire both guns before you make a purchasing decision, by all means do so.  However, in our testing, you are better off buying an MSAR and using the extra money to buy some overpriced .223 ammunition instead.


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