This is a requested video about cleaning the FS2000.  This is the written article portion of the FS2000 breakdown and cleaning video.  Please click the READ MORE below to view the article and find the video link.

FS2000 Breakdown and

Cleaning Video

by Jessie Indracusin


These types of videos are always some of the hardest to cover in under 10 minutes.  This is an interesting video for anyone who may not own one of the guns and are curious what the component

breakdown looks like.  This is a bit different of a gun to clean than a standard AR. This gun does not require any special tools that do not come with the rifle.  Everything else you would need is just standard tools to clean any typical AR.  

Breakdown and Cleaning

The video breaks down all of this information pretty clearly.  However, it is hard to identify the individual components I mentioned, so the following photo helps illustrate the parts mentioned in the video.  Some of these parts are radically different than ones you would find on an  AR.   As you can see from the photo to the right, the components of a bullpup rifle are a bit different than that of an AR.  My big complaint of the FS2000 is the requirement of a "special" breakdown tool since such a speciality item is not something you can pick up at your local sporting good store.  The parts breakdown very easily and everything fits together snug and fit.  Nothing requires a lot of force to assemble.  Keep in mind, this gun is AMAZINGLY clean after a day at the range.  I truly believe this is a good gun for someone who is lazy about cleaning a gun.  

As far as any special cleaning solutions, there is nothing I use that is unique for this gun over any other gun.  Feel free to watch the video and I hope you find this information very useful if you happen to own this firearms.  The written portion of this video is pretty limited since the video explains the cleaning in detail.





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