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Concealed Carry on Campus

by Jessie Indracusin


This is a particular topic I have a lot of emotions and thoughts over.  There is absolutely ZERO logical reason that Colleges and Universities be treated different when it comes to the issue of concealed carry.  Across this great country, there are many States which allow a lawful abiding citizens to apply and become licensed for a Concealed Carry License/Concealed Handgun License.  This segment features Mark Ngo who is the local Campus Leader for Collin County Community College here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Plex.  There organization can be found at    


I do not want to sound patronizing or a chauvinist when it comes to these comments.  The fact of the matter is one of the reason I am a big supporter of this is for the rights of women to defend themselves.  I am not saying a man doesn't need to protect themselves equally, but I believe the security risk is even higher for women attend school.  Not too many cases of men becoming sexually assaulted on Campus as compared to women.  Someone trying to take your wallet is one thing, but the emotional scars of a sexual assault last well past the police report is filled.  A woman who is trained with a handgun can utilize this as an equalizer in this type of a threat.  Considering the physical stature difference between men and women on average and the issue of working American's looking towards continual education well pass their early 20s in this economy, there are a lot of people who attend night classes.  

Most Campus Police/Security have the arguement of "Well if a woman feels unsafe she can call Campus Police and we will escort them to their car."  For any woman reading this, I want you to get together with every woman you know on campus taking a night class and all request this be done EVERY time you leave your classroom.  I am sure they will shortly realize that this is NOT a viable solution and just a "feel good" answer for the liberal left to try and make victims out of you.  This is a disgraceful attitude by the established University and State Colleges and a gross negligence on your personal safety.  

My belief in this is the following.  A person's right to self defend themselves DOES NOT END at the parking lot of a higher education facility.  Now the arguement about while a College Athletic event type activity is going on, I am fine with the exception and can live with it.  The reason I say that is because going to a Sporting Event is a personal choice.  It is not a part of the educational process that is required to better your life.  I would be fine with the restrictions and would just never go to a College game.  However, the school is telling you if you want to better your life and get an education, we INSIST you become a victim.

How is protecting yourself while you go the ATM at night, stopping off at a grocery story, having dinner with friends, catching a movie ANY different than doing the admirable thing of getting an education and help yourself (and some cases your family) become a viable member of the work force.  I have a lot of respect for single mother's who along with having to juggle a job, kids, family, etc. and having to find a few spare moments to take night classes to better there life.  As a society, why are we punishing these women and putting them in harms way and making them easier targets for being mugged, assaulted and sexually assaulted?


I 100% support all efforts of  This is a solid organization that is doing their best to protect individual's right to protect themselves.  Everyone said in the past that if you had Concealed Carry Laws in a State that there would be a mass increase in handgun related crimes, etc.  There has not been ONE SINGLE BIT OF PROOF to support this.  The only poll/study I support needs to come from the FBI crime statistics.  If you take a significant sample period and compare the crime statistics of States before and after enacting Conceal Carry Laws, the numbers don't lie....unlike CNN does on a daily basis with their over the top liberal media that needs to lose their journalism credentials. 

 I would like to thank Mark Ngo and the Collin Country Community College chapter of Concealed Campus for their efforts and wanted to provide a forum and a voice to speak about this topic.


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