This weeks article will be about an inexpensive Stock Kit for an AK and AK Variants that can modernize the look and feel of your AK.  Click the READ MORE below to read the article and find the link for the Video Cast

UTG Collapsable AK Stock Kit

by Jessie Indracusin


My initial intentions of this video was to show options for updating the Vepr to a newer look and feel.  After picking up the inexpensive kit, I  found various problems with the VEPR accepting third party stock kits.  As you can see here with the photos, the Vepr has a strange angle on the rear that prevents it from accepting third party AK stock kits. A typical AK has a flat rear and not this angle.  This seems to block it from allowing the use of normal kits.  Another thing that was not readily noticed until now about the Vepr is the pistol grip.  When I first got it, and up until now, it always appeared to be two parts. The pistol grip and the stock are a single component.  This reminds me a bit of what I had with the H&K USC. 

The kit that I will be talking about is a "universal" kit for pretty much most AKs. Keep in mind these exclude thumbhole stock variants that are blocked from using them in general.  This kit that I am speaking of comes with a collapsable stock and stock block that is required for mounting to the AK.  The total cost of this particular kit I found is $90.  It is great price for what you get.  There are definitely higher end kits out there, but for the budget enthusiast, this is a great deal. 


The UTG AK Collapsible Stock Kit (RB-A68747B-KT) is an excellent buy for anyone who wants to modernize their AK.  Of course adding this  kit along with parts from other manufacturers can make an AK have a comparable feel of a modern AR.  The UTG kit does not appear to have anywhere near the amount of adjustments as one would find in a $150 or $200 stock kit.  None the less, this is an excellent deal for the casual shooter.  All of the parts appear to be made very well and I am a bit sad to have to get rid of the kit since it does not fit my Vepr AK.  This is entirely my fault personally since I should have made more careful examinations of the Vepr ahead of time.  Nearly all dealers you approach at gun shows have no experience with the Vepr, so be very careful of trusting anything that someone would tell you about having a part that would fit it.  

The UTG is made of solid parts and fits together with it's own components smoothly.  I would recommend a little bit of oil on the telescopic slide to make it a bit smoother, which I am sure would be fine after some continual use.  If this is something you are looking for, you may want to check this out as a cheaper alternative to CAA products (which I am a big fan of).  

I have a picture on the right that shows all the contents of the box.  The simple instruction manual, stock, telescopic tube and butt plate is included in the box.  To be honest, the need for the instruction book is pretty much not needed since it is simple to figure it out.  









I give it a 3-gun rating out of 5.  This is a basic collapsible stock for an AK.  It provides all of the minimum needs someone would want from a stock replacement, but does not have anything special over it besides price.  In this economy and for so many first time gun owners on my site, this is an excellent option for the cost concerning viewer.  If anyone is interested in buying this one off of me, I probably would be willing to sell it since unfortunately I do not have an AK that would fit it.




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