Civilian Tactical Weapons presents a discussion and video webcast about Tiger Valley.  Click the READ MORE below to read the whole article.  Tiger Valley is a Texas based Tactical Training Group.  They have a wide range of classes from Combat Handguns to long range precision rifle courses.


by Jessie Indracusin


I have taken a few classes from TJ Pilling and Tiger Valley and I wanted to discuss this group.  They offer classes ranging from quick 3-hour shoots to multi-day training classes.  They have a very competent staff that has considerable amount of real world practical experience.  


About once every month, there is a Wednesday night shoot.  The classes start around 6:6:30 at night and end around 9:00-9:30.  The last few course I have been to cost about $65 dollars and shooters need to bring their own gun, gear and ammo.  Please keep in mind, these are serious classes, so make sure you have the right mindset.  This means you need to have the correct gear for the shoot.  Please make sure the gear you bring is Duty grade. 

For example your holster needs to be holster specific to your firearm and preferably not some $20 generic nylon holster.  When it comes to firearms, 50% of the pistols used are pretty much Glocks.  The Carbine Courses are all AR Rifles.  Please refrain from bringing exotics rifles to these classes since they will change the instruction requirements and may limit what you can do for the drills.

This particular class I attended was run by TJ Pilling.  TJ has a very impressive background which includes 23 years in SWAT and also served as a senior instructor at SWAT.  He also has done undercover narcotics works and was a Peace Officer for 28 years. His life experiences bring with it interesting and entertaining stories.  

This particular class was covering Combat Pistol Basics.  This course helped reinforce various disciplines that a shooter needs to be aware of.   These include some of the things like the following:

  1. Proper "Ready" Positions 
  2. Drawing from a Holster
  3. Rapid Shoot from a ready position
  4. Second Sight Picture
  5. Proper grip balance between both hands

In general, the classes shoot about 250 rounds.  They are very informative, fun and you are able to practice things you are not normally able to at a shooting range.  Nearly all of these courses are taught IN FRONT OF the firing line and not behind it.  The classes are done with the range closed and attendance has a great group of people that show up.  If the only shooting you have done is at a typical indoor range with the "NO RAPID FIRE" signs posted, this is a welcome style shooting.


You would be very hard pressed to find a class in this price range with this type of talent.  If you live near the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, these short night classes at $65 is the way to go.  They normally take place at Elm Fork shooting range and the multi-day courses take place in Waco.  If you sign up for one of these courses, make sure you tell them you heard about them on


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