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Crvena Zastava M57

by Jessie Indracusin

An Eastern Bloc Legend?

The iconic pistol called the Tokarev was made under license by just about every Eastern Bloc country.  Some refer to this pistol as the Eastern European (and Asian) equivalent of the Colt 1911.  The two most common handguns produced during the cold war behind the iron curtain was the Tokarev and Mokarev pistols.  This one was a former Yugoslavian model version that was widely deployed.  Although the company as we know it disappeared like the former Yugoslavia, this company was acquired by Zastava.

In general, this is not a gun I am recommending anyone go out and buy to do competition shooting. In fact, the ammunition is a little hard to come by, accuracy is horrible (due to a very heavy trigger) but has a minimal number of parts (making it easy to service).   The design of the gun is very unique as you can see in the video.  Take down can not really be described like any other gun.

In general, this is a good gun for the History buffs.  If you are interested in historical weapons that left a foot hole in the history books, you may want to consider a Tokarev model.  They make good conversational pieces and are an interesting gun to have in a collection.


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