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Glockmeister Glock Adjustment Tool

by Jessie Indracusin

Do I need one?

The first thing I want to mention about buying this tool is the target audience.  Buying a tool like this, even though it is a good price, is not a tool for everyone to own.  I personally bought one because I sell a lot of Trijicon Sights for Glocks and wanted to be able to mount these directly on the gun for my customers here in Dallas, TX.  The target audience is a viewer who is obsessed with getting pin point accuracy out of his handgun or owns a few Glock pistols or has a group of people he/she shoots with that all own Glocks.  If you own a single Glock and fire it once a year, I will be honest with you, you really are best saving the money for buying some more bullets and practicing instead.

The Tool(s)

First thing I want to mention is this is a heavy tool.  This is a solid chunk of metal not to be confused with some cheap aftermarket sight tool that will not stand the test of time.  If you decide to buy any tool like this, in my honest opinion, your options are either the one from Glock or this one.  This tool is a complete tool for both the front and rear sight removal and adjusting the rear sight (i.e. pushing the sight into alignment.  This also includes Loctite for intial installation of the sights.  All tools are well made and very durable.  I even used the tool on the smallest Glock (Glock 36) to show you that the adjustment tool works for all size Glocks.  My only recommendation of using this sight is to take some black electrical tape and cover up the sights prior to using the push tool.  This will help protect the sights against any minimal marking that could occur from using a tool.  Personally for me, I don't particularily care, but this may be an issue if you see any slight cosmetic marks that can occur from using the tool. 

This tool costs $95.00 and a significant savings over the one from Glock which is also hard to get.  You can purchase the item here:

 You can see from the above picture everything included (with the exception of the Glock 36 Slide of course).


If you are in the market for a tool to complete out your Glock Armorer's kit, this is a must have option.  Well priced, well made and very durable, I am sure you will enjoy the use of it, if this is something you need.  Keep one thing in mind.  This is ONLY for Glock Pistols.  You can not use the push tool to push other sights.  I am not saying it is not possible to push another sight with the tool, but doing so could damage the sight or part of the tool with other guns and is not recommended.

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