I would like to welcome all of the people I spoke to at Dallas Market Hall this weekend.  Some more thoughts on this in the news posting.

I would like to welcome all of the people I spoke to at Dallas Market Hall this weekend.  As always, some of the friendlist and most hospitable people I meet seem to be always at the gunshows.  Most of the liberal media seem to always have this very disorted view of gun owners and collectors, like we are some crazy survivorlist that live in bunkers with our guns, watching Red Dawn 24 hours a day.  That we are all some reclusive hillbillies that drive camoflauged  pickup trucks with gun racks that do not like to interact with others.  How people view us as some out of touch segment that don't believe in the "Mainstream Media's" view that "More guns equal more crime", really makes me feel that the growing group of our youth are becoming out of touch with reality. 

The influence on the family values that we as gun owners have seems to be out of touch with the likes of Clinton and Obama.  Obama telling us that we are "distracted" by the real issues and cling onto issues like gun laws because we are too stupid to notice the real issues of America.  Using terms like "commonsense" gun laws in his speeches, trying to catagories gun owners as this pidgeon hole group.  Most gun owners and collectors I know fall under these REAL descriptions, which I am sure the liberal media doesn't want everyone to know:

1) Law Abiding -Everyone I know who has a legitimate interest in guns or gun collecting has No criminal history (speeding tickets aside). 

2) Votes- Everyone I know votes in all major elections at both State and Federal level

3)  Family Values -Teaches their kids the same values that were passed down to them from their parents about gun safety, having the proper respect for a firearm and in most cases has taken them out to a shooting range to teach them to target shoot or hunt.  Along the same lines as other days taking their kids to play baseball, football and in general have a very active participation in their kid's lives and the upbringing of thier kids.

4) Financial Responsibility -Properly provides for their family no matter what the circumstances.  Understands that being a proper head of household means actively doing things to provide and not sit back on the couch, complaining about the government and waiting for a hand out.  These are men who can trace there thoughts and values back to the fore-fathers of this country.  Who knew the government was their to serve the people but came to the United States because they wanted an independent life for themselves and their families.  Wanted the oppurtunity to start their own business, get some land, raise a family.  They didn't sit around asking the government for handouts all the time.  It was a take care of yourself attitude.