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H&K Lowers for the UMP 45

by Jessie Indracusin


This is actually going to be a very short written article.  I wanted everyone to be aware that it looks like H&K may no longer be producing the various UMP 45 lowers as separate items.  This means, what is in the supply chain right now is most likely all there is.  So even if you do not have an H&K USC but are considering it sometime in the future, you need to locate and purchase a lower NOW!  Keep in mind, I do not sell these lowers and gain no financial benefit making this alert, in case you guys are wondering.  However, I receive about 5 emails a day on the H&K USC to UMP conversions and wanted to make this notice to everyone.  This means in the future, the only way to get one is if a Police Department destroys an Agency UMP 45 and sells off the lower.  The important thing to realize is there is such a small group of departments that use it, the likelyhood of getting one of these in the future is very small.

Most vendors are now selling the lower as ONLY a part of a complete kit of other 922R parts you need.  This can be very expensive if you get all the parts you need for the conversions.  So you might be looking at a very expensive purchase (that might equal the price of the H&K USC itself in just parts).  Also, for those of you with SL8 or SL8-6 Rifles by H&K and are looking at wanting to do a G36 Conversion, you might want to consider getting those parts now too.  I already purchased one for myself so that I would not be crippled in being able to get one in the future.

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