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Started Shooting 2011 CTW Girls Calendar!

We have started shooting the 2011 CTW Girls Calendar.  We have had wonderful luck finding some of the best looking shooting savy women to find for shooting this years calendar.  We finished up with shooting photos of Amber-Ryan from Dallas TX (who will also be part of the CTW Girls Shooting Team..lookout for more information about that in the future) and Brooke from Plano, TX.

Both women were a blast to photo for the website and stay tuned for more updates on the calendar here.  We will continue to give you a behind the scenes look at the calendar while it is shot if there is interest in this.  Please provide me with some feedback either way.  We were looking at adding these photos shoots into our video rotation about once a month to show you other things we are doing at Civilian Tactical Weapons.  If all goes as plan, the calendar will be up for sale September 1st, 2010.  If you like the calendar and want to support what we do at Civilian Tactical Weapons with the free web content, please consider buying one of our calendars for around $25.00.

We will start putting up a pre-order site soon for the calendar so we can ensure we can meet the demand for the calendar.



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