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Aimpoint or Eotech? Which is Best for Me

by Jessie Indracusin


I've had this question asked a few times and thought I would do a video segment on this.  I am an Aimpoint High Volume Dealer in Texas and an Eotech Distributor.  That being said, I wanted to differentiate between the two and tell you the history of each a little.  Please keep in mind, if you look in my Weekly Articles, you will find many more indepth videos on Aimpoint specific, so I will not be spending an incredible amount of time covering the Aimpoint products in great detail.  This is a segment to give you the pros and cons of both.


Aimpoint is well known in the who's who of shooting.  Knowing as being extreme duty optics, including deep underwater depths, has become a growing standard in the military.  Aimpoint has shipped hundreds of thousands of Aimpoint Optics to the US Military and other militaries around the world.  They are the defacto standard in the military and compete realistically only with Trijicon (which I also sell but are way too over priced for most people and personally do not think there solutions are worth their prices). In the video we compare a few models of Aimpoint Optics.  They are the following:

CompM2/ML2 (Click to buy the CompM2 here from us)

CompM3/ML3 Click HERE to buy the CompM3 from us or click HERE to buy the CompML3 from us

CompM4/M4S Click HERE to buy the CompM4s from us

This segment does not cover mini optics of both, since I will have the Micro T-1 Series versus Eotech XPS2/3 as another webcast in the future.  As a reminder with Aimpoint, anything with an "L" as part of the model, means it is a NON-Night Vision Device supported unit. 

Aimpoints are extremely rugged in all conditions, paralox free, EXTREME battery life (ranging from 10,000 hours on a CompM2 series to 50,000 hours on a CompM3 series up to 80,000 hours on a CompM4 Series).  They are built individual in Sweden and built with absolute miticulous care.  In the Tactical Optics world, Aimpoint is the standard.


  • Durability
  • Clearest Red Dot in the industry
  • Paralox Free
  • Extreme Battery life
  • Deep Depth submersion
  • Military Grade and highly proven in combat


  • Expensive (Comparible Eotech unit will cost $200-$250 cheaper)
  • Configuration can be confusing for some (most have separate spacer, mounts, etc. you need to buy)
  • Can be a bit tricky to get sometimes because units are shipped from Sweden to Aimpoint USA before shipped to Dealers


Eotech has a solid footing in the Law Enforcement Space.  Where as Aimpoint was the military standard, Eotech is the SWAT/Law Enforcement standard.  These units have options for night vision supported and non-night vision supported modes and are rough and tough to push around.  It reminds me of what an instructor told me in the Police Academy.  "Cops can interact with anything in one of three ways, fuck it, eat it or break it.  What can you guess technology falls under?"  So when Eotech designed their optics, they had to make sure that the units were rugged.  It is very common you will find Eotech's in the field all banged up, scratched up, etc.  But they are still working.  If you think of what SWAT teams do when making dynamic entry, you need technology that is designed to survive under a constant beating.  That is what Eotech specializes in.  Also, if you are talking about room clearings and not engaging targets from one hill to the next, your primary concern is 25 yards and less combat, this is were Eotech REALLY shines. 

The infamous Eotech Ring with a Dot in the center is an Eotech Trademark.  This ring makes short distance target acquisition incredibly easy.  You can gain fractions of a second faster targeting with a ring than a single red dot (however, constant training can overcome these limits, but to teach someone down and dirty, the ring is the easiest way to go).

The controls are good sized buttons that are indented into the side of the unit so they don't get in the way or stick out.  Most units run off of "AA" batteries (including lithium).  CR123 model units are also available.  Some Eotech's like the Eotech 557.AR223 that we sell here, have bullet compensators in their recticles.  Look at diagram of what the sight looks like on the Eotech 557.AR223 here to the right.  This allows you to calculate bullet drop at distances out to 600 meters.  Keep in mind, the use of these dots really needs a magnifier for the back of it like the Eotech G23 Magnifiers (which we have coming in at the end of June 2010 (since they are back ordered, drop me a line on the contact page for pricing and pre-order specials). 


  • Durability -Designed to take a beating, just like the Aimpoint products
  • Cost -Roughly $200 or more less than a comparible Aimpoint product
  • 25 yard less performance (Target Acquisition is a bit better with the red ring for quick snap shots)
  • Proven -Used by SWAT teams around the world and most Law Enforcement Agencies (Local, State and Federal)
  • Made ENTIRELY in the USA in Michigan.


  • Battery life -typically only 600 to 1000 hours of use (compared to 10,000 to 80,000 hours with Aimpoint).
  • Underwater performance (tops out at 10-33 feet, not really a concern for most people or Law Enforcement
  • Sighting -Can be harder to acquire targets at greater extreme distances with the ring.  The sight can have a bit of a halo effect around the dots, causing targets to become invisible behind the glow of the ring and dot.  This because INCREDIBLY BAD if you try to buy some cheap knock off 3x Magnifier from China.  Lens quality makes ALL the difference in shooting with a red dot system.


In general, you will not go wrong picking either of these optics.  Both of these are high quality optics from reputable companies.  If there is any specific model of any optic you need and do not find it at our store from (, please contact us and we can get you pricing.


We are offering an additional discount on our entry level Eotech 512.A65 Aimpoint devices using coupon code EOTECH512 for a limited time (June 6th, 2010). 


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