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Pro Mag 20rnd HK USP Mags

by Jessie Indracusin


Really? A 20-round Magazine for an HK Full size USP 45 pistol? Do I really need one of these? I guess it is sort of like going to the theatre and someone offering you the small barf bag size of popcorn or for an extra 50 cents having the 10,000 calorie Bucket of Popcorn.  Does everyone need one of these magazines? The short answer is no.  Should you get one? I'll leave it up to you to decide if this is something you really need.

Pro Mag Industries

I want to first state that there is no such thing as ANY Pro Mag product being as reliable as a factory magazine.  I have never found this to ever be the case.  However, can Pro Mag offer you a magazine that makes your pistol look like a MAC-10?  They sure can and almost specialize in crazy capacity pistol magazines.  I have a friend of mine who is sometimes a little too obsessed with Zombie movies.  Would this be the perfect magazine to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse?  Sure, it would make for an impressive Hollywood style magazine for a gun.  Would I trust my life by putting my primary magazine for my gun next to my bed being a 20-round Pro Mag Industries HK USP 45 Full Size model magazine? Hell no.

That being said, would this be a fun magazine to take to a shooting range for target practice, steel shooting, etc?  Absolutely.  Plus the one thing that is good about Pro Mag Industries magazines being finicky and having problems is that it does train you on how to react to weapon malfunctions.  If you spend all your time shooting and have factory magazines and never encounter a mechanically problem, how well do you think you would react if someone was breaking in your house and you had a failure to feed, stove pipe, failure to eject, etc?  I know this is kind of bad way of making a decision on buying a magazine or not from a manufacturer, but I wanted to mention it here.


If you want to have a couple of "cool" magazines to show off at the range or in your collection, these 20-rnd magazines for the HK USP full size edition 45s do the job.  They work in pretty much all USP 45 models that are not the Compact or Compact Tactical 45.  These WILL NOT WORK in the HK45 since the newer HK45 that came out in 2008/2009 has a completely different magazine.   Even though I seem to dump on these magazines a bit in this article, they tend to make cheaper magazines (both in price and quality) but do have a lifetime warranty.  Pro Mag offers a larger variety of magazines options that you will not find from the guns manufacturer.  That being said, I would normally never buy a Pro Mag product that has a capacity of the same size as a factory magazine I can get from the manufacturer.  Some exceptions to this may be if you live in a Communist Republic, like New York or California that have restrictions on hi capacity magazines and the only thing you can find are some pre-ban hi-capacity magazines.

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