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Shot Show 2010 Part 2

by Jessie Indracusin


This is our continuing coverage of the Shot Show 2010.  In this segment we are covering the FN SCAR 17S (the 7.62N version of the FN SCAR 16S) and the Beretta ARX-160.  Both of these guns are next generations rifles. 


The FN SCAR 17S is the latest rifle in the FN family to come out in a semi-automatic civilian legal version.  This version is a Heavy Caliber version of the new SOCOM rifle.  This 7.62 x 51mm version has all the same design features as the 5.56mm version of the rifle (FN SCAR 16S).  The gun comes standard with the same rail system as the FN SCAR 16S to attach all your standard flashlights, vertical foregrips, etc.  The recoil system is a short stroke piston system versus a standard direct impungement system that is used on a standard AR15/M4.  This system has been field proven as a more reliabie system under stress and in hospitable environments and terrain.  This type of a system is designed to take AK reliabilitiy into an accuracy designed platform. 

This gun has special interest for people looking for a tactical gun in a larger caliber.  For some, like myself, my interest is using such a platform is utilizing it as a long range semi-automatic target rifle.  The sub MOA performance of the gun lends it perfect for using it with magnified precision optics.  In the near future, I am hoping the 20" barrel will be offered as an accessory for people buying the FN SCAR 17S. 

Beretta ARX-160

I wanted to first mention that this gun is not a legal gun to own because of the select fire only model of this gun.  However, Beretta will be making a semi-automatic version of this gun available to the general public in the future.  I do not have any details of this, but it is in the works.  The Beretta CX4 storm has been such a successful option for Beretta, that the likehood of the ARX-160 coming out sooner than later is very hopeful.  

There are many things about this platform I like.  As you can see in the video, nearly everything someone would want to do with the gun, can be done without the use of a tool.  Even changing this from a right handed to a left handed weapon, requires no breakdown of the gun or tools.  In fact, you can make this change without any bolt change replacement parts and can even do this in less than 3 seconds. Compatible with all standard AR magazines, this gun is also being used in the Italian Military version of their Future Warrior Program.  I am very excited about the prospect of this rifle coming out in the future, I am just hoping that Beretta can resolve their history of ammunition issues with their firearms.  

I am very hopeful that a battlefield rifle like this will have ammunition problems resolved and play in the same reliability demands of other advanced combat rifles out there.

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