This article was done since people were asking me about the Vertical Foregrips I had on the FN SCAR 16S.  I was not actually encouraging anyone to use that type of vertical foregrip on the gun, since it was actually just a place holder option until I got what I wanted.  So this weeks video is another Tactical Light option for any Combat Rifle that uses a standard four point rail system.  Click the READ MORE below to read the article and watch the video.

Tactical Light Options

by Jessie Indracusin


This segment actually started when people were asking me about the accessories I had on the FN SCAR 16S.  The most important accessory that people were asking about that concerned me was the vertical foregrip.  I want to make it clear that what I had on the gun was NOT what I recommended for a vertical foregrip.  It was actually a place holder for the vertical foregrip I wanted to actually put on the gun.  The option I was looking to put on the gun needed to integrate with a light.  Some options which were even more costly that I looked at, added too much weight on the gun.   I was looking for something that was practical, light in weight and effective.  I came up with the following option and will explain why I did various things with the setup.



1)  Surefire G2 LED Flashlight ~$69.99

2)  Surefire M79 Flashlight Mount  ~$49.99

3)  Surefire Model XM07 Cable ~$99.99

4)  Mako Group Tactical Ergonomic Foregrip (GM-TVG1) ~$39.99


I actually started from the flashlight and worked my way back from there.  I have had excellent luck with the Surefire G2 LED flashlights.  They are highly durable, reliable and produce excellent light.  So for this gun, we maintained the same Surefire G2 LED as I had on the S&W M&P15T but went with a desert tan pattern model to match up with the FN SCAR 16S.  The result was an exceptional look.  From there, I needed an effective way of attaching the light to the gun.  Surefire makes a universal weapon light adapter that fits the bill perfectly.  The part is metal clamp that fits any standard Picatinny rail system.  Your choice of if you mount it on the left or right of the gun is up to you.  For my layout, I preferred the right side.  The video will show my hand hold and why I chose that.

 The problem with most options for mounting a light is the kind of all or nothing option.  If you wanted to take this the cheap route, you could just mount the flashlight and mount on the side and use your left thumb to tap the light on and off on the back.  This is an acceptable option to most, but not as beneficial as using the Surefire XM07 cable which allows both an on/off button switch and tap pad control.  I really wanted a touchpad and an on/off option which the expensive Surefire cable gives you.

The last requirement was a Vertical Foregrip.  This is an option that you can save a few bucks on and not lose that much in performance and usage over one that costs three times as much.  I chose a VERY light Tactical Ergonomic foregrip by the Mako Group (  Originally I was looking for a Tango Down vertical foregrip that had the same removal panels on the side to attach the Surefire tap pad into it, but the Tango down option was almost $90.  In all honesty, if I was in Afghanistan on patrol every day, day in and day out, would I spend the extra few bucks, probably.  For my range days and tactical courses, this option was fine for now and I could use the savings to buy some more 5.56mm/.223 ammo from the local Academy Sports. 


At the end of the day, I was able to put together a solid vertical foregrip light system that was minimal in weight (barely notice any weight added to the gun at all), versatel in usage.  I was originally considering a Surefire M900 series lighting option that not only would have costed around $600, but more importantly added more weight than the option I put together.  The other benefit is that putting the option together on the FN SCAR 16S I did, saved about $300 but I did not have to give up functionality.

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