This weeks video is pretty self explanatory.  It is a range shoot between the FN SCAR and the HK 416.  I may do a studio video in the future, breaking these two guns down further for a comparison if there is an interest.  The main differences between these two guns is recoil.  The FN SCAR 16S has very minimal recoil.  The HK 416 has more recoil than a typical AR but feels like you could beat an Ogre over the head with the gun and not damage it.  Doing an all day 1000 round plus per day shoot with an HK 416 will definetely remind you in the morning over a typical AR, however, it is a blast to shoot.  The FN SCAR 16S has a much better recoil and a gentle feel to the gun you don't get from the HK 416.  You can effortlessly shoot the FN SCAR all day without any recoil pain.  So you get the reliability of a better mechanical system than an AR, making it much more similiar to an HK 416 than an AR, but an easier day at the range. 

Keep in mind, the FN SCAR 16S has a built in compensator that makes second shot picture acquisition VERY easy.  Based on the price tags of these two guns and sheer enjoyment they are both to shoot, I would recommend the FN SCAR 16S over the HK 416.  If I were to rate one over the other for punishment (not reliability), I would rate the HK 416 as being a more rugged design.  Considering the market segment I am talking to about this (Civilian/Law Enforcement vs. Military application), I would pick the FN SCAR 16S over the HK 416.  I think when FN makes a few improvements to the stock from a durability standpoint, I might change my mind.  The stock, although very cool and multi function, I still feel it is not well designed enough to take a significant beating.

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Last Updated (Sunday, 18 April 2010 18:08)