Click the link below to read our weekly article which is the range time shoot out between the HK Match and the Expert 45 additions.  Both of these guns are exceptional guns and the tops of thier classes.  They both have their benefits too.  This range shoot was at the request of a viewer who wanted to see how the two guns perform against each other.  You can not go wrong with either of these guns.  This question between these two is really if Morgan Freeman in the Movie Wanted asked you to shoot the wings off of flies, which of these two would do a better job? 

 If you see the link at the bottom of this page, you will find our range video between the two.  We fired Magtech 45 caliber ammunition for this shoot and is not considered match quality ammunition but rather what type of discount ammunition that is considered good for the price.  I will also admit, I didn't have the best amount of sleep the night before while doing this shoot.  

Two things to note about this range shoot that was very interesting.  I had a woman shoot the HK Match 45.  Her ability to hit the target at all with this gun (the HK Match) was un-attainable versus the absolute dead accuracy I got.  This is a heavy gun.  So your ability to be comfortable shooting a front heavy handgun comes into effect with shooting this.  Since this gun is also used for home defense, I do keep a 9mm Glock next to it for my significant other to be able to properly shoot.  Please note, with all firearms, this is a consideration that has to be taken into account.


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Last Updated (Sunday, 18 April 2010 18:26)