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GSG-5 Range Video

by Jessie Indracusin


There is an old saying, you get what you pay for.  The performance of this gun is definitely one of them.  By no means does this guns performance live up to the expectations of the guy it is trying to pay homage to (The H&K MP5K).  However, realistically, this gun is a .22 LR weapon, so you wouldn't even use this gun seriously in most cases.  This gun would not be used in shooting competitions, home defense, etc.  If you are looking for a cheap Tactical Weapon and are on a serious budget, this gun does deliver exactly that.  To be honest, based on the price point, it is very hard for me to critize this gun against firearms that are exponentially more expensive.  


The Design of this gun is fairly good.  It is, at the surface, a very similiar look and design to an MP5K.  When you take the gun apart, and how you take the gun apart, almost makes you feel like you have a high quality airsoft gun.  The inside components of the gun are a bit different than what you may be use to.  It does feel similiar to the bolts seen in .22 LR upper kits for ARs.


As far as innovations go, I would say that the magazine design is where the true innovations and failures exist.  The tension release tab on the side makes the magazine very easy to load.  This is great for casual shooters or female shooters that may have problems loading traditional magazines.  


This weapon is very heavy for it's side.  This is mainly because of the significant amount of metal this weapon has.  There is one things that I would feel comfortable saying you would be able to give this gun a few drops without issue.  Problems that I see would be with the assembly screw since it would be easy to strip the screw heads.  The rear adjustment site is also a bit flimsy.  It is not well designed and not an exact science.  It does take a little bit of time to get this gun adjusted.


This is a bit where the gun falls apart.  The bolt system does tend to cause miss feeds in the weapon and actual "bend" the soft .22 LR rounds.  The magazine tension button on the side also causes jamming if you hold the gun more typical for this type of a gun, using a mag well hold.  Ideally, a vertical pistol grip would be ideal, but then that would be illegal for a weapon categorized as a "pistol".  Failures ran on the average of 2-3 per 100 rounds.  This is fairly poor, but fine for a VERY cheap plinker gun.


At 10-15 yards, accuracy is exceptional from a standing position.  This quickly goes to crap at 25 yards.  Mainly this is due to an uncomfortable hand hold and a poor weapon balance.  Resting this gun on the magazine to bench fire also creates malfunction problems too.  However, if you can sandbag it and lay the gun in an appropriate position, you can get some impressive accuracy out to a maximum of 25 yards.












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