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DSA TP-9 Range Shoot

Jessie Indracusin

Putting the Gun to the Test

We have now put about 500 rounds of 9mmP through the firearms (which is an expensive test in this economy).  The shoot was done over 2 days.  Some VERY interesting results and information I wanted to pass along to everyone about this firearm.  We fired both Winchester Ranger 124 grain FMJ bullets through and Monarch 115 grain FMJ ammo.  As I mention in all my videos, I use Monarch as a test of any firearms ability to handle junk ammunition and keep trucking.

First off, my pre-conceived placement of this gun, as far as reliability would go, would put this gun at the end of the line of the Civilian Legal Carbine/Semi-Auto Subguns that we have reviewed (The H&K USC/UMP, KRISS V, Beretta Storm, H&K MP5K Clone, Calico 950).  In reality, this gun is VERY long as the gun is broken in properly and prepared properly for it's first shoot.

My first day at the range with the gun was dismal.  The gun was jamming every fifth or sixth round, would constantly miss feed, not properly eject rounds, etc.  Prior to taking it out to the range, I applied a little bit of gun oil to the brand new gun and was shooting a LOT of Monarch ammo.  It failed horribly.  I actually was going to right the gun off, but then I decided to bring the gun home, take it apart and properly set the gun up for a first time shoot.

Prior to the second day at the range, I completely took the gun apart and properly lubricated the entire bolt system.  I took it apart and liberally (probably the only time you will see me use the word "liberal" on this website) applied gun oil so that when I manually manipulated the bolt in my hand, I could almost hear a sloshing sound.  The gun comes with NO lubrication from the manufacturer at all (unlike what you would find for example from Glock sometimes).  I brought the gun out to the range and had zero issues with this gun.  The accuracy in the under 15 yard range is very good.  From 15 to 25 yards, you are really not hitting much accurately with this gun.  Remember, the barrel of this gun is very short and it categorized as a "Pistol".  If you are expecting to compare this gun to a Berreta or the H&K UMP, it is completely unfair.  

Because of the categorization of the gun as a "Pistol", you can not attached a forward pistol grip, stock, etc.  If you were to decided to SBR this weapon, I believe with a proper stock, you could create some descent shooting at 25 yards.  You will be more accurate with a pistol at this price range ($1200) than you would with this gun.  However, that is not what this gun is about.  This gun is about a futuristic looking Machine Pistol with a 30 round magazine.  It is a very good attention grabber and also an excellent little home defense gun (since you would be shooting under 15 yards).  This is really about instead or running into an intruder in the backyard and making him piss on himself, this is about making him crap on himself when he sees you pull this gun on him.  With proper optics and accessories it is a good little room sweeper.

So in all fairness, what is a good alternative to this gun?  A Glock 34 Pistol with a Glock 18 extended 30+ magazine for it would in all truthfullness out perform this semi-automatic gun.  If this was a comparison of a TMP-9 vs a Glock 18, I might be more inclined to throw my hat towards the TMP-9 over the Glock 18.  Since we are talking semi-auto, I think the Glock would be a more accurate platform and get you same performance and be easier to handle in your hands.  However, from a looks standpoint and just having something "different" the TP-9 would be a good addition to a person's collection.



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