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1   Link   Beretta Firearms
Manufacturer of various firearms, including the civilian semi-automatic Carbine (Beretta Cx4 Storm) and new Px4 Pistols.
2   Link   Colt Firearms
Colt's website for Civilian Firearms. Sam Colt, the founder of Colt, was issued his first patent in 1836 for the design of a revolver using a cylinder containing 5 or 6 bullets. The Colt AR-15s are a standard for civilian carbine shooting.
3   Link   FN Herstal
Probably one of the most overlooked manufacturers by most consumers, FN Herstal brings with it a VERY strong military presence and proven technologies to the civilian market. FS-2000 and the PS-90 are examples of this.
4   Link   Glock
The infamous Glock firearms started the industry with introductions of high-tech polymer handguns. To this day they are still known for their amazing light weight in all models and near un-jammable design.
5   Link   Heckler and Koch
Heckler and Koch firearms are known as some of the most uncompromising pistols and weapon systems on the market. Known for such famous weapon designs as the H&K MP5 and USP Pistols, they are known as some of the most advanced firearms on the market
6   Link   MSAR Technologies (Known for US Made AUGs)
Manufacturers of STG-556 Rifle. This is based on the designs of the Austrian Steyr AUG rifle with VAST design improvements on the original
7   Link   Smith and Wesson Firearms
Made famous by Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry", this manufacturer has been expand it's line over the last few years with the M&P line (Military & Police). Don't let the name fool you, in nearly all states these are civilian legal.