I just wanted to write this quick note to wish the family of Stephen Johns (The Security Officer killed at the museum) my condolences for the needless death of Stephen Johns by a dickless, racist bigot who I hopes burns in hell and is sodomized by Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler 24 hours a day.  To believe there are still people in the world who are ignorant enough to believe the Holocaust is a fabricated event, tells a lot to me that we really have people in world that are even more ignorant than those that voted for "Change" in the last election (which these days looks like all that is going to be left in your paycheck after all the new taxes we have to pay).  A person of this caliber needed to really be locked up and put into a mental institution with wall to wall to wall carpeting.  This level of racism, which most people thought was really in the past, shows a level of complete loss of brain cells by an individual.  I don't know if this guy has been sniffing too much paint thinner, drank away every last brain cell in his head or had a clinical condition that should have barred him from owning a gun in the first place.  Speaking of which, before anyone starts talking about gun laws again, this guy was already a convicted criminal and barred from owning a gun.  NO LEVEL OF GUN CONTROL CAN PREVENT A CRIMINAL FROM GETTING A GUN SINCE THEY ARE ALREADY BARRED FROM BUYING ONE!  Us a gun in a deliberate criminal act, get the chair is the only law people need to worry about enforcing.

Another important note about this event is also the obvious need to allow citizens to carry concealed handguns.  This event had the potential to play out a lot more like an incident at Virginia Tech or Columbine, since an unarmed populous can be the victim of mad men (both crazed citizens and tyrannical governments).  This is very fitting of statement based on what this museum means to the thousands of Holocaust survivors that this Museum stands for and remains a reminder of what an unarmed populous, unable to defend itself can have happen on the extreme end.  


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