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Hit or Miss: Cammenga Easy Mag

by Jessie Indracusin


This weeks video, we are presenting the Cammenga Easy Mag on our Hit or Miss Segment.  It seems like nearly every week there is another manufacturee putting out new AR magazine.  Probably the available market of gun owners out there seems like every body with access to some cheap manufacturering for making a 30 round magazine seems to be making one.  There are almost as many people claiming they made the end all magazine as there are people getting Obama government cheese checks.  At the end of the day, a magazine is really five parts typically.  Two halves of a case, a spring, follower and floor plate (some may have a piece of plastic that the lower part of the spring presses down into the magazine plate.  There is really only so much you can do to make a magazine "better" in a traditional sense.  So how does the Cammenga Easy Mag hold up?


I am reviewing two magazines, the 20 round and the 30 round magazines from Cammenga.  These two magazines are truly revolutionary and easily separate themselves from the mass of AR magazines that you can find at a gun show.  If you grasp the front of the magazine and yank it downward, all of the tension in the magazine is pushed down towards the magazine floor plat.  This allows you to stack the bullets inside the magazine very quickly.  After you are done, you push the front of the magazine up and the tension is restored.  Unloaded the magazines is very simple.  Pull the front of the magazine down and dump the bullets out.  This is helpful if you are taking a carbine course and the instructor tells you to load a specific number of bullets and want to dump the existing bullets out and want to load a few rounds.  

The magazine sits very securely into the gun.  This is not a magazine that is going to fall out on it's own under any condition.  I fired a few clips from this magazine and it performed well.  I will need to put a lot more bullets through this magazine to be completely sure, but this magazine performs well  I would encourage everyone to try one of these magazines and see if it works for you.  I know some of you out there probably have a magazine from every manufacturer.  You may want to try this one out.  They retail for $34.95.





DURABILITY/RELIABILITY:  N/A (Not comfortable releasing this without extensive round testing)





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