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Return of the Steyr AUG

by Jessie Indracusin


As many of you who have been reading my articles and viewing my videos are well aware of, I have a serious admiration for the Steyr AUG.  Back during the Clinton Era of Commmunism, these guns ceased to exist with the  so called "assault weapons" ban.  Only recently, after the sunset of these Stalinistic gun laws, did the AUG start coming back to life.  MSAR released the first batch of the return of the AUG.  TPD "attempted" to follow suit with their design.  Now, Steyr has come back with a redesign of the original.  I hope you find this article interesting as I was excited to review the weapon.

First Impressions

This gun is a beautiful gun.  Parts are very solid as far as assembly and feel.  This is a high quality product at first glance.  Anyone who has owned an AUG in the past has pretty much zero transitional learning to move to this model.  The upper rail is very nice design, low profile and allows the use of various optics.  We did notice that in some cases it may be a little to low to the gun, so certain optics benefit from a riser to increase the space to the optic.  We noticed this with some of the Micro-Aimpoint systems.  With your traditional full size Aimpoint and Eotech systems, this is not an issue and actually fits very well with the design.  There is very little differences at first glance from the AUG from years past.  One thing you may notice is the bolt release over the magazine is different.  It works fairly well.  Breakdown doesn't change at all either.


There are certain components of this review that I am going to leave out until next week.  This coming week is the range shoot which will go into details of accuracy, reliability, etc. in great detail.  I want to compare this gun with MSAR-STG-556.  When these two guns are compared side-by-side, the new Steyr does have a nicer look to it.  This gun has a far better look to it then the TPD model.  Balance of the weapon is excellent and the operations is very good.  My only complaint about this gun is the trigger system.  The trigger does not feel as smooth as the MSAR and to find the dead trigger space is very hard to find.  To prep the trigger of the AUG is not as natural as with the MSAR.  I was a bit disappointed about this aspect.

As far as the collectability of this gun, I would recommend this gun over the MSAR for someone who is looking at an investment gun.  If you are looking for a casual gun to bench fire at your local range, this gun is a blast.  Is this gun worth the extra $500-$700 over the MSAR? Not really to be honest.  I am hoping they will come up with a newer generation of this gun that has a better trigger system.  It's hard to justify the extra money when the two guns look identical and perform the same on the range.  You will see this is next week's video in detail.  Reliability of this gun is excellent and was a blast to shoot.  I shot some VERY poorly made reload ammunition through the gun and it operated flawlessly (with the exception of poor accuracy, which we saw across both guns).

Stay tuned for next weeks video that has the range shoot.  I am sure you will enjoy it.










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