Click Below for the article and video link to the Range time shoot of the HK 416.  Click the READ MORE to open up the article.

HK 416 Range time Video

by Jessie Indracusin


I am going to keep this fairly quick, since I know everyone just wants to watch the video.  A couple of things I wanted to mention about this shoot.  We fired Black Hills 55 grain .223 ammo through the gun along with off brand reload ammunition.  The gun fired all flawlessly.  I did some faster rapid fire testing than I show on the video (although to be honest, I didn't really look for any accuracy with that, I was just trying to see if I could figure out a way of jamming up the gun).  The performance of the 10.3" barrel is very exceptional. The accuracy was a bit better than I would have expected from a barrel that is almost 40% shorter than a typical AR (16").  This gun would be a great gun to shoot for CQC.  

The following is the video link to the range shoot.  Hope you like it




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