Civilian Tactical Weapons presents our weekly web acticle and webcast on building an FS2000 Handguard Light.  This has been a viewer requested item on about 20 different occassions on where to get one, so I figure I would show everyone how to make one.  Click the READ MORE below to see detailed photos and view the webcast.

FS2000 Handguard Instructions

by Jessie Indracusin


I have had various viewers write in asking about where to get an FS2000 Handguard light.  I figure the best thing to do is explain just how to do it yourself.  So let's talk about what you need to do this:

1) Drimmel or equivalent tool

2) Electical Tape

3) Wire Cutters

4) Handguard

5) Eotech Light

6) Tap Pad light attachment for Surefire

7) Torque #10

This whole process should take less than an hour.  It does not require any special skills to do.  The only thing that might be a little tricky is doing the wire cutting if you want to shorten the tap pad.


There are two bolts to remove with a Torque #10.  After you remove this, you will expose the two halves of the handguard.  You will see  there is already one cut out area in the handguard, surprise, it seems to be the same shape of a surefire.   You will need to cut and shape the remaining two spots, the cut in the front of the handguard to stick the light through and the back area.  I would recommend cutting a bit conservatively until you get the exact dimensions right.  So start off a bit smaller and continue to cut it down until it fits tight.  If done properly, you will note the light allows the front to be unscrewed and replace the bulb, etc.  The opening on the bottom to stick the tap pad through is already provided.  You do not need to to any modification to this.

If the tap pad cable is too long or you want to shorten it, you will need to cut this yourself.  Make sure you properly wrap the exposed wires with electrical tape when you are done.  As you can tell from the break away photo and the complete project, it is very easy to do.

As far as what other handguard options look light (I know there is another one floating around with a rail on the bottom), I can only assume the interior would be the same.  You would need to break it appart to be certain.

Final Product

This is a pretty nice setup once it is all done.  Make sure you don't over torque the screws since it is easy to do with the little #10 screws they use.  I am sure this type of a setup will keep you very happy.  Refer to my video on tactical lights, since I would recommend going with an LED Surefire model.


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