Civilian Tactical Weapons introduces a new segment, called CTW Review Hit or Miss.  We will be showcasing various items that are geared towards the shooting community.  We hope to show items, hopefully under $100, that the average shooter may consider getting (or eat the cost for you if it ends up being a piece of junk.  Click the READ MORE link below to read the article and the video component can be found at the bottom.

CTW's Hit or Miss:

Cammenga AR Easy Loader

by Jessie Indracusin


When I saw this item on a store shelf, the simplicity and cost of the item was a must get for this new segment I am starting up.  The price point at $29.99 was perfect for what I was looking for.  This seemed to be an item that looked so basic and rather strange, I thought it was not going to work at all.  I guess I was in for a surprise.

Cammenga Loaders

The Cammenga loaders also come in variety of versions, including an AK variant (for both 7.62 and 5.45 options) and FN FAL verion to name  a few.  The products are put together fairly well.  It looks very basic and seems to work as described.  It requires a good grip and a little arm muscle, but the product jams the bullets in VERY quickly.  The AR variant lets you load 20 rounds at a time comfortably.  I added the second group of 10 to the same magazine afterwards with the same amount of effort.  For anyone that is taking a shooting course that has you constantly reloading your AR magazines, this is a great option.  Even for a day of some casual shooting at the range, this things is slick.  

The directions couldn't be any simpler. 

1) Open the alligator mouth and stick in 20 rounds of .223/5.56

2) Close the top

3) Attach an AR Magazine

4) Pull the lever back to jam the rounds in

For our tests we tried both Current Government Issue M4/M16 Magazines and the HK416 magazines.  Both worked flawlessly.  As far as everyone writing in and asking about every other brand under the sun, if the magazine meets the standard specifications, this should work  fine.  There is even a stripper clip version of this if you are buying military surplus ammo.   The magazine is of course inserted with the curve facing up since you want the bullets to feed in correctly. 

The manufacturer's website is

This is now a standard item in my range bag from now on.  If you are like me and shoot off a few hundred rounds every time you go to the range, this is a great little tool to help you get to what you went to the range for, and that is to shoot.  Although there are not too many women I know who like to shoot carbines, this is also a great option to deal with the fatigue of loading the magazines.

I have some personal recommendations to make this even more effective.  If you can get some small sandwich bags and load them each with 30 rounds and toss them in your ammo can, that would make this process even quicker.








I give this an overal 4 out of 5.  The item is a pretty basic design, but does as advertised.  If you think an item like this would be useful, you should look into this.  This item is definitely a hit.



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