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Safety Training Gear

by Jessie Indracusin


This is kind of a different topic that I encourage people to look into.  The main goal of this article is for people to understand what options are out there for safely training with their firearms both at the range or within their own home.  I know the concept of training with a firearm in your home sounds a little weird, but I feel it is critical to understand your home both inside and out.  Everyone falls back to natural instinct when they are produced a situation where they have no prior experience or training.  Unfortunately for a lot, that natural instinct may come from watching one too many action movies.  How many times have we watched a person's mattress or couch stop incoming bullet fire?  Although this article deals with specific bits of very inexpensive training gear that could save your life one day, the goal is to use these options to train in your own house.  The following is questions I want you to ask yourself:

1) Within each room of the house, have I laid out a defense plan of being able to hunker down and defend against an attacker?

2)  Is that defense both active and passive?  (meaning does it not only conceal me from being readily seen, but can the cover absorb gunfire?

3) Do I understand the best escape routes from a particular part of the house? Am I stuck upstairs or is their a way out from their breaking a window and getting out onto a first story roof?

4) What other options do I have for defense and distractions?  Example, can my fire extinguishers be used to affectively distract an intruder.

5) How will I be able to access my gun?  Is the only gun in the house locked away in a room downstairs where as I like to watch movies in an upstairs media room?  

6) Extra Ammunition?  Not a major concern, but depending on your choice of a weapon, if six shots is all you have in the gun, stress can make those six shots for the casual shooter at the range harder to hit a target.  

7) Balistic penetration?  Have I thought about the fact that drywall can cause a loved one to get shot in the next room?  Does my family know to drop down to the ground and hide at low level when the alarm goes off to minimize this danger?

There are many more of these types of questions you can ask yourself.  Also be aware of your own intentions ahead of time.  Understand what you are honestly capable of doing and not to fool yourself.  If you had to, could you take someone's life who breaks in your house?   There is no right or wrong answer to this.  I am sure most people can guess my answer, but the more important question is your answer.  Also it is important to understand the answer from a loved one.  Can your spouse feel comfortable making that decision?  This is an important answer to understand if you are in a situation where they have the gun pointed at the intruder and you do not.

Now that I have discussed all that, let's talk about gear.

Training Gun/Dummy Guns

So as we talked about gun safety and toying around with learning your environment, what are good options to practice this?  What about weapon disarmaments?  Want to practice draws from the holster in your house?  Using safety training guns is an excellent option.  The one  I have enclosed in this article cost under $30 at a gun show.  It is made by Blackhawk and is pretty much the number one used gun in both Self Defense classes for practicing weapon disarmaments and Law Enforcement agencies.  They maintain an exact duplicate of the gun.  In fact, you can see that accessories you would attach to a real gun can be attached to this.  In my video, you will notice that I attach a tactical light on the bottom rail of the Glock 17 training gun I bought.  The products from Blackhawk are extremely durable, inexpensive and easily identified as a training gun.  You can also feel a little more comfortable with using one of these in your home to practice some of the answers to the above questions I posed in the introduction.  I really feel for the cheap price, there are very practical purposes to buying them.  You can buy these in nearly every major gun.  If you want a specific pistol, the chances are they might make the exact model or a similiar gun.




Snap Caps

These are a very inexpensive way of learning how to deal wtih weapon malfunctions, jams, double feeds and in general being able to store  or pass a gun safely to others.  Snap Caps come in the name brand version I feature on this article.  Made of metal and have an identical look and feel of a real bullet.  They are easily identified as a fake bullet and can be used as an excellent way of practicing with your gun.  They come in pretty much every caliber side out there.  They run about $15 for a five pack of most major rounds.  There are other third party versions that come in plastic and are cheaper, but I do tend to like the look and feel of the snap caps.  The most critical use of these is dealing with weapon jams.  Try loading a few of these randomly in your clip (which is why I like to use the metal ones over the plastic ones, it is easier to trick yourself with your eyes turned away loading the magazine) and practice "tap and rack", clearing a stove pipe jam, etc.  For $15, this is a great way of learning to the point that it is second nature how to deal with weapon malfunctions (although if you buy an H&K pistol you would probably never have to worry about this...I know, always giving support to my favorite manufacturer).  You can get these either off the internet or your local gun dealer.







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