Now that the election is over, the window of oppurtunity for collectors is shrinking.  With a new President who has never seen a gun ban that he hasn't supported, now is the time to stockpile what you can.  Top of my recommended list for collectors:

 1) PS90 -Every Democrat has tried to ban anything associated with the 5.7mm round.  A good target for the Democrats

2) Foreign Tactical Weapons -Any weapon that has major components from foreign countries and has an exotic design are good buys.  Tops of my list here are as follows:

 FN FS2000, H&K SL8-6, H&K USC,SIG-556

3) Characteristics to look for purchase:

     a) Semi-Automatic Shotguns

     b) Magazine Fed Carbines

     c) Pistol Grip Rifles

     d) Adjustable/Collapsable/Folding Stocks

4) Springs for Magazines (Springs for any magazine that is larger than 10 shots and is not an AR.  I am saying no to wasting money on AR magazines since the numbers of these magazines out there is probably enough for every person in the United States to have 10 magazines)