Click HERE for the video about Krav Maga.  Krav Maga is going to be discussed in greater detail on this website.  Some people may ask, "What does Krav Maga have anything to do with Tactical Weapons?"  Short answer is a two fold answer:

 1) If you are going to deploy or utilize a weapon, there is a chance the attacker you are dealing with may have one of his own or gain access to yours.

2) The human body itself can be considered a tactical weapon in it's self.

I graduated back in 1996 from a Police Academy in California.  There is a term called "Use of Force" which is discussed extensively.  Depending on if you live in a Castle Doctrine state, like I do in Texas, will determine your interest in Use of Force when dealing with your own property.  Deadly Force is NOT the only option available and may not be the best option available.  Being a bit of a mutt and an ethnic minority (Asian) I am able to defend myself a little better in court than a white person in some cases.  Do I agree with this?  No.  The sad fact of it is if you employ Deadly Force, you will most likely have your time in front of a group of people who could not come up with a reason to get out of Jury Duty.  If you happen to be White and the attacker is a young person of another race, you can be sure the Prosecutor is going to try and place a Race Card in front of the Jury.

So Krav Maga contains a good system to open other options to people.  I have been involved with Krav Maga for 4 months and am very happy with this sytem compared to other Self Defense Martial Arts I have tried in the past that may look fancier in movies but do not translate into practical street combat as easily and have a faster learning curve as Krav.