Read my comments on the 2008 Presidential Election

I thought I would comment on my thoughts about the 2008 Election.  Just to make it clear, I fully recognize that ANY of the canidates we elect will not make any major difference to myself or my pocket book.  All politicians love to take credit for things they had no control over.  Everyone likes to say how much everything was better during the Clinton Administration (like Clinton was responsible for the explosion of the Technology Dot Com boom...well wasn't his VP Al Gore the inventor of the Internet though? -LOL) even though it was all the intellectual know how of the United States that made everyone look like a paper millionaire with Tech Stock portfolios that you couldn't pick a wrong stock.  But then Bush came and as soon as he walked in destroyed the economy day one.  If anyone believes that the end of the Dot Com boom was Bushes fault, you really give the government more credit than they deserve.  I was involved HEAVILY in Y2K project management.  You had an open checkbook at companies to buy ANYTHING as long as you stamped the words "NOT Y2K COMPLIANT" on it.  In the tech industry, we were like kids in a Candy Store.  Imagine having a blank check book with an unlimited balance and walking onto a car lot.  You think you would honestly by that Kia or get the Ferrari?  I bailed out of the entire stock market since I knew the sunset was over.  Nobody was going to be able to keep spending like they did before. 

 So getting back to the election.  If you vote Hillary, you really shouldn't be on my website.  She has repeated over and over again how she will reinstate the so called "Assault Weapons Ban".  Not like she has ever looked at a single FBI report to show how often one of these so called "Assault Weapons" have been used in a crime.  The truly messed up thing is as a citizen, you are more likely to win the lottery than you are of EVER being killed by a so called Assault Weapon (suicides excluded or forgetting to unload your gun before cleaning it).  I am talking specifically of a violent crime situation where someone is going to pull out an "Assault Weapon" and shoot you with it.  Just because liberals watching too many Hollywood Movies, does not make this an issue.  It is true, you will always have crazy people in world.  There is nothing you can ever do about that.  I am deeply saddened for the families effected by events of the Virginia Tech issue but then on the same standpoint, if you had students that were able to carry a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) and their gun on campus, I am sure someone would have shot the crazy kid before that.

Obama is just as out of touch as Hillary.  At first I thought we would have finally ran across the first smart Democrat who would realize you lose a LOT MORE votes voting against the second ammendment than you gain from sheltered soccer moms who get all their "real world" news from Rosie O'Donnell, Oprah and Ellen.  Instead he tries to come up with his own marketing terms to make gun owners hill billy gun nuts living in bunkers saying that "Common Sense Gun Laws" which is just a fancier way of saying restrictive gun ownership, registration, etc.   

I would like you all to know one very common bit of information that everyone knows in Law Enforcement.  A national registration database of firearms does not help in solving crimes.  You know why?  Criminals DO NOT BUY GUNS LEGALLY OR WOULD REGISTER THEM!  This is just a way of the government keeping track of who owns guns so that when they enact new laws, they know who to get them from.  If you don't believe this, let me tell you a more likely way that the Democrats would like to do this.

Every law abiding citizens registers their gun based on some new Federal Law passed by Clinton or Obama.  They sit around in their little offices, protected by tax payer paid for full armed security people.  Six months later, they come up with some statistics that says gun shot related deaths are causing a severe strain on the new National Medical system they came up with and need to institute a $100 a gun tax.  Sounds reasonable to the general non-gun owning public, right?

Well for someone who is a life long collector and may have 30 or 40 guns over the course of 50 years (various long arms, shotguns, old collectible revolver/pistols, etc) you are making it impossible for him to pay these additional taxes.  Of course to the Clinton/Obama's of the world, that person is just some gun nut and doesn't need to have all those guns to begin with.

The underling question:  How does this at the end of the day reduce Violent Crime by stripping some retired veteran who enjoys collecting firearms?  It doesn't.  This is all about the Democrats wanting to try to turn us into England.  Well guess what Clinton/Obama, we declared our independence from England hundreds of years ago for the reasons we wrote in our Bill of Rights.  So get your grubby little hands out of my pocket book and off of my guns.  If you want to live like that, I am sure that Clinton/Obama could each get a citizenship for the UK if that makes them feel better.

So at the end of the day, my vote is for McCain.  I feel VERY strongly that McCain will not erode the 2nd Ammendment the same way Hillary and Obama are bent on doing.  Do I feel that McCain will help my pocket book better than Obama/Clinton?  I don't believe anyone besides myself will help me be for prosperous.  It is much more productive doing something to improve life for yourself rather than worrying about how the government should.

 -Jessie Indracusin