H&K Expert Pistol Video and Beretta Cx4 Storm Video

Forgot to post that a new video went up last week and this weeks video has went up too.

Two new exclusive content videos posted on www.civiliantacticalweapons.com.  The first video is a discussion on Home Defense Pistols and the next Video is on the Beretta Cx4 Storm Pistol.

The Discussion about the H&K USP Expert .45 for Home Defense can be found HERE.  This is a discussion on what I personally find as the best Home Defense Pistol if money is not an option and what I place the life of myself and household on in the unfortunate event that I need to call up the corner after an intruder receives 12 Hydro-shock .45 Caliber rounds center of mass from this highly accurate and reliable pistol.

The next Discussion is about the Cx4 Storm.  This is a low cost fun little carbine/Cilvilan SMG that is a great gun to shoot with at the range for a very low cost.  The Video can be found HERE.

Last Updated (Monday, 21 April 2008 10:52)