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Cleaning the SP89

by Jessie Indracusin

Just like all of Heckler and Koch weapon systems, routine maintenance and cleaning of these weapons can almost be down right forgotten.  If you are a person who tends to hate cleaning a firearm and properly maintaining it, you should really get an H&K.  That being said, the SP89 does not require too much cleaning to run reliably.  This was a viewer request video for those of you who are curious, so I thought I would move a few things around in my schedule and accomidate it.

General Tips

  1. Just like with nearly any weapon, the only area you need to worry about cleaning is the Bolt Carrier, Bolt Head, Locking pin and firing pin.  Everything else is fact, not even cleaning these parts after every time you shoot is no big deal either.  Break the entire assembly into the mentioned parts and clean thoroughly with a solvent and then lube all parts with a gun oil.
  2. Barrel -Clean the barrel with a brush using some solvent and then using a high quality gun oil to swab it down afterwards.  This will increase barrel life if the barrel is well lubed and it reduces friction/heat.
  3. Wipe down interior of upper receiver.  Utilize a standard AR/gun cleaning brush (or even an old toothbrush is you want) and use some solvent to clean all of the grime from the interior.  Pay special attention to the upper portion where the bolt carrier slides into the upper receiver. Afterwards, wipe down with a dry cloth. 
  4. Re-assembly the rifle and wipe down exterior for any excess gun oil.  Apply a couple of drops to the bolt carrier as it peeks in through the ejector port.  Use the charging handle and manipulate the bolt carrier group a few times to really get the oil along the action.
  5. Exterior cleaning -Optional, but if you want the gun to look brandnew from the manufacturer use a Synthetic Stock safe spray cleaner like the Birchwood Casedy Gun Scrubber as seen in the video.

Keep in mind, if you want any special cleaning solutions, get in touch with me and I can sell them to you.  In most cases, I can bundle cleaning solutions with other items you may want to get from me to save money.  If you only want a single bottle of some cleaning solution, I would recommend you try to get it locally at your gun store, since the shipping costs are just too much.

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