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Tiger Valley Combat Handgun Course

by Jessie Indracusin

Most fun you can legally do for $65

I can't think of too many ways to get the most bang (literally) for your buck than spending $65.00 for a Tuesday Night Shooting course.  Hell, what do you really have that is a better use of your time on a Tuesday night? Would you rather be sitting at home watching Glee, Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars or feeling the recoil of rapid fire shooting coming from your hands?  I think for any true American, the answer is pretty simple (not to say I don't enjoy seeing the legs and ass of Stacy Keibler on Dances with the Stars...actually they need to just not bother with all the dancing and have Stacy Kiebler walking around in lingerie all day -I'd watch that show every night...alright, A.D.D. kicking in).

I have actually taken this course a few times.  In fact, I try to ensure I take a shooting course once every three months to supplement the two to four times a month I shoot at the range.  This is all about practice, repetition and comfort.  When someone tells you to brush your teeth, you don't sit there and think about the steps on what to do, it's second nature.  If your shooting is not at that same level, you are doing yourself major harm  by not getting out and trying real practical shooting.  The goal here to ensure that your shooting skills are so second nature that if you get into a situation that you need to react to something, the stress does not destroy the basic shooting fundamentals you have programmed into you. 

Does your gun have a safety? Do you practice manipulating the safety over and over again when you shoot? Does your concealment holster have a retention strap?  How often do you really practice manipulating that strap?  Judging from the fact that most ranges don't allow you to draw from the holster, this can be a major issue. 

Not only are these courses good to take for anyone who is an avid shooter, they are even better for the casual shooter.  In fact, if you can convince your significant other to take such a course, I would strongly encourage you so they can truly see how they shoot under stress.  The level of stress you get in a shooting course like this is nothing compared to an actual shooting engagement that will force you to make a Shoot/No Shoot decision in fractions of a second (enough of a fraction that may cause you not to survive that encounter.

Please visit Tiger Valley at to see their complete list of courses if you live in the DFW Metroplex and make sure you tell them you heard about them from Civilian Tactical Weapons.

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