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Communication Gear for Home Defense

by Jessie Indracusin

What type of topic is this?

Some of you may be wondering why I am covering a topic like this.  In fact I never was planning on covering this topic if I didn't have so many users asking me questions about "What should my first gun be to protect my family?"  In fact I am probably going to combined a lot of videos that I have put together over the years into a single topic video.  When someone asks me this question, people forget to realize that there are other people in the household who are relevant in a proper home defense plan.  The most critical of those, is the person that sleeps in the bed next to you.  Your spouse or girlfriend sleeping in the bed next to you must be able to protect herself (i.e. you need a minimum of two guns for home defense and not just one) and be able to talk to her.  This is why this is being covered in this segment.

Midland Communication kit

The particular model we are referring to is the Midland GTX1050VP4.  This unit can be found HERE for purchase.  When I was in the market for such gear, I was trying to find something that was in a reasonable price range and met all my requirements.  My requirements were as follows:

1) Support for Handsfree Voice Activated Talk mode

2) Support for both rechargable packs and regular off the shelf battery units

3) Whisper Mode -Need all feedback and communication to be at minimal levels so that I could speak at very low volumes on my side yet the person would receive my voice at full volume.

4) Weather proof/water proof

5) Maximum Range communications

This Midland which has a list cost of $99.99 (but I was able to purchase for $49.99 with $10 rebate) and works as described.  When you have an alarm event go off, one of the issues you want to make sure of is you don't get shot by friendly fire and two, you are kept up to the second of what is going on if the two of you separate.  When there is a sudden noise, noise outside, etc. that happens in my house, I have my girlfriend bury herself in the bedroom with a 9mm aimed at the door as I go check out the house.  The last thing I want is to be accidently be shot as I approach the door coming back in.  If your significant other has their stress level running up pretty high, they might shoot whatever approaches the outside of the bedroom door.  Being able to relay a "stand down" order as you are approaching the door is key to the safety of everyone.

Also, being out of sight range of the other person in the house can also create a sense of worry.  Seconds can feel like hours when the two of you are split up.  It is also helpful for your partner to be able to understand the following:

1) How long does it take you to clear the house typically?

2) How long do you want the other person to stay put until they remain barricaded and call the police?

3) Do they understand what to do in the event if you have a run in with someone and become shot or injured?

These are important communication issues to resolve ahead of time before you encounter an issue like this.  You will also want to establish an off the wall safe word so that there is clarity who is approaching the door and to stand down.  Keep in mind, electronics can always go bad, so you need some way of communicating safe passage back.

The unit offered by Midland comes with 2 complete units, with two hands free boom mics, desktop charger for stand, car charger for charging stand, 2 rechargable batteries.  The units have a 36 mile range which can be applified to up to 50 miles.  Realistically, in an urban environment, you are more likely to get 2-4 miles depending on where you live.  They are weather proof setups that are designed to take water splash damage and each unit weighs 0.3 lbs.  They are very easy to use and simple to operate.  In disaster scenarios, having a communication system like this can also help you talk to rescue workers when traditional lines of communication are down.  Plus if the household needs to split up, you have enough distance to go to a nearby store and still be able to talk.

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