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Aimpoint Micro Series on Glock

by Jessie Indracusin

Unique Mounting Solution from Aimpoint

Many people are unaware of this very unique option of mounting an Aimpoint Micro Series on a Glock pistol.  The number problem with nearly all systems to mount optics on a handguns is the use of a floating rail.  The way a floating rail works is a to bolt onto the lower frame and then "float" above the slide, allowing the slide to operate back and forth under the rail.  I have enclosed a picture of this option setup.  I am by no means recommending such an option when the Aimpoint option exists.  The image to the right shows how this universal rail system mounts on the Glock.  If you are trying to mount an Aimpoint optic on ANY other gun with the exception of a Glock, you will need to investigate some form of a floating rail option for your particular handgun.

So what is my particular complaint of this setup then?  When it comes to setting optics, I want the height difference between the center of my barrel and the center of the Red Dot optic system to be minimized as much as possible.  The greater the distance between these two, the higher the need to have to calculate the adjusted aiming point when you are in a closer distance.  Example.  If you are with a typical AR Rifle and you want to shoot the center mass of a target at a 3-5 yard point blank pop up, you aim a few inches above your target. This type of calculations before you take the shot, are best to minimize with how you setup your optic.




The option from Aimpoint allows a shooter to put a red dot so close to the barrel center then most people never felt was achievable.  If you look at the photo on the left, you can see exactly what we are talking about. The Micro Series is mounted directly on the slide and not a floating barrel design.  (Please note, the photo to the left was done with HDR Photography which is why the detail level is so high on the photo with the dynamic ranges being highlighted).  As you can see, this is my heavily battle scarred Glock 17 that has been through a lot.  I also want to clearly point out something that illustrates the level of reliability of an Aimpoint.  I was walking through two local gun shows in two weeks.  Both of the gun shows had multiple vendors selling FAKE Aimpoint optics.  The level some of these have went was to actually copy the Aimpoint Boxes, logos, etc. and print the Aimpoint logos on the optics.  To the trained eye, I can instantly tell a fake within a couple of seconds.  If you were to put one of these fake plastic Chinese knock off Aimpoints onto a Glock and do this, the constant blow back action of the optic riding on this slide would probably cause the optic to split in half or fall apart all together.

I want all my viewers to beware of purchasing ANY Aimpoint Optics at a gun show.  There is a reason you will sometimes find them cheaper than online...because they are 100% fake and the chance of you catching them on it at a gun show with some fly by night dealer is impossible.  You have to understand what these optics should be running for and look at the quality of products the vendor is selling.  If you are at some booth with a guy who has a stack of NCStar Optics, the chances are the Eotech and Aimpoint Optics on his table are completely fake.

Always consult directly with the Eotech and Aimpoint websites to find the Authorized Dealer/Distributors in your area and even at a gun show make sure the company you are dealing with is on that list.  Those are the dealers that have the manufacturer behind them on the sale to you.

This setup is a very unique setup.  In fact any time you pull this type of a setup out at the range, you will definitely get a few looks.  I also have a Lone Wolf Ultimate Trigger Stop I installed in this system to modify the trigger more to my liking.

I will be moving to a Glock 34 in the future and moving the optic system along with another one of the Lone Wolf Ultimate Trigger stops installed in that one too.

At the end of the day, the reason for the Red Dot is incredibly fast target acquisition.  If you are doing competitive shooting (and the stage/competition you are in allows it) you will see red dots everywhere.  When fractions of a seconds count, having a setup like this removes all hesitations and time off the clock.

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