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Optics for HK Claw Mount

by Jessie Indracusin

What is an HK Claw Mount?

For those of you who own H&K or H&K Clone firearms that are based on either the H&K MP5, HK93, HK94, HK53, HK G3 and others along this platform, are aware of the infamous claw mount.  This is probably my least favorite thing that H&K designed.  This was also the only way of attaching optics onto the firearms.  These claw mounts have various problems associated with the spacing on top compared to a standard Mil Spec 1918 rail system.

Aimpoint Micro T-1 Option with 3x Mag

The top of an H&K Claw mount or any clone claw mount, has a very limited amount of real estate.  For certain type of H&K guns, you may want to have both a tactical red dot and a 3x magnifier.  Unfortunately, based on the spacing, you option is limited with Eotech.  You might be able to use an XPS series Optic with a magnifier, but it is not very common to co-witness these with a magnifier.  The Micro T-1 with a spacer kit and a 3x Magnifier ends up fitting perfect in the limited rail space on top of the claw. 

There are also some newer model claw mounts out there that have a more traditional top claw mount that is a Mil Spec 1918 rail.  I have not had any personal experience with these, but it would be my preference to purchase one of these instead of the older ones.


Please watch the video below and see the above setup.  You will need the following components.  If for some reason any of the items are not available on the store, please use the CONTACT information screen on this website and ask me the status of the parts.

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