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Eotech MPO

(Also referred to as Eotech 557.G23.FTS Complete)

by Jessie Indracusin

What is an MPO?

The Eotech MPO stands for Multi Purpose Optic.  It is a combination of two Eotech Products, the Eotech 557.AR223 and the GTS23 Flip to side 3x Magnifier.  Buying these two items together, versus separate, definitely saves you some money.  We sell these at a discount here.

Who are ideal customers for this?

This system is designed for anyone who shoots a semi-automatic rifle in a .223/5.56N caliber.  If you are planning on shooting beyond 100 yards, this option WILL SAVE YOU MONEY.  I see so many people buy a Red Dot scope to then buy one of the magnifiers from me later and buy doing so separately waste about $200.00.  The package deal that I sell from Eotech, is a much more economical option.

To be honest, if you are moving up to the Eotech 557.AR223 from the 512 or 516, the natural progression is to get a magnifier.  The main reason for this is the bullet drop compensators are too difficult to view without the magnifier.  The compensators are a 0-300 meters, 400 meter dot, 500 meter dot and a 600 meter dot.  By having the magnifier, you would actually be able to see a target and identify it using standard IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) methodology clearly with a magnifier versus a non-magnified target.  In practice, this works out as a wonder optic option.

However, if you never plan on even going to an outdoor range and are only shooting 25 yards with your rifle, save your money, get an Eotech 512.A65 from us and save the money.  If the Eotech MPO is the way you want to go and you see a more likely usage of 100 yards and beyond shooting, save some money by just purchasing the Eotech MPO setup from us instead of buying the items piece by piece.

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