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C-More Sights

by Jessie Indracusin


I've had a few people ask me about my thoughts on C-More sights.  With all of the information I try to provide on Eotech and Aimpoint optics, I wanted to give my thoughts on C-More sights and how they fit into the mix of different optics available on the market.


The first question people might have is what is a C-more Sight and how come I have never seen one?  First thing to note is they tend to be very rarely seen in any store.  They don't have anywhere near the advertising, distribution channel and resellers as Aimpoint and Eotech, but do cater to a niche market of shooters.  That being said, unless you follow competitive shooting, you may have never seen one of these.  Regardless of any claims the manufacturer may make, C-More has little to no adoption in the Law Enforcement and Military space.  They however complete dominate the competitive shooting space.  This is a core difference to note. 

For years, C-More sights have been primarily plastic sights.  VERY light weight and mounted on special rails to stick on top of handguns for competitive shooting.  These sights were not designed with the same all weather, submersible, bang against a wall and spend all day knocking against the inside of a Humvee like Eotech and Aimpoint.  Is this designed flaw?  It all depends on what you have been looking for out of an optic.

A few years ago, C-More came out with Aluminum sight systems.  These were built to be heavier optics with increased durability.  The one we are talking about here is such an optic.  The ARW model pictured here is the only particular model I would personally buy.  I am not known for wanting to be the gentlest person with equipment.  I understand that things happen in a Carbine course and I don't want a hard knock against a door frame to be the end of my optic.

I personally prefer the C-More sight in only one category of shooting and that is Tactical Shotguns.  Specifically if you want to do Skeet Shooting.  The Diod, which is interchangable, allows you to buy and change the MOA of the dot.  You can get 2,4,6,8,12 and 16 MOA dots for the system.  They advertise a wide range battery life of 300-1500 hours.  This battery life is comparible to what you would get with an Eotech system.  The name of the company does a great job of explaining the benefits of the sight.  If you want to have maximum peripheral view, the C-More is an excellent option for scanning an entire sky line looking for a shooting clay.  This is where the C-more shines and an area I really like the optic.

Closing Remarks

An optic I would recommand anyone look for who is debating about something to put on a shotgun.  The C-More ARW is definitely worth looking into for any style of competitive shotgun shooting.

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