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Ultramax Remanufactured Ammunition (Lead bullet / 9mmP)

by Jessie Indracusin


This is going to be a quick article. The video explains everything about this ammunition, but since I had such a disaster trying to use this ammunition, I wanted to notify everyone about this.


Everyone who knows me, knows I am always on the lookout of inexpensive ammunition to shoot.  I hit the range about once a week for doing various articles and tests and go through a LOT of ammunition in a year.  So shooting inexpensive ammunition is always a preference.  I should have known something was up when I was at a local Dick's Sporting Good Store and saw the following:

1) A box of 9mm sold as a 250 round Value Pack/Mega Pack

2) On Sale

I think the best way to describe my stupidity here was almost like getting the email from some Prince in Africa who is trying to collect a $300 million dollar inheritance but needs $500 from you to be able to pay transfer fees, which he will gladly split the inheritance with you. 

So the ammunition is incredibly dirty.  I felt like the Tin man shooting this since my right arm was completely covered in shiny silver.  This created an incredible amount of discharge.  Keep in mind, personally, dirty ammo has never been an issue for me.  I clean my gun after every shoot and the concept of "clean" and "dirty" ammo always seemed like a bit of an oxymoron.  So if I fire "clean" ammo, I don't need to clean my gun since it is as clean as before I shot it?  Of course not.  You have to clean the gun regardless.

The problem with this remanufactured gun is operation of the gun. It creates everything from double feeds to failure to ejects.  The number of jams I was getting with about 125 rounds of this was completely un-acceptable.  It did, however, show a new level of endurance with Glock.  My S&W M&P9L customed out gun was able to shoot all of the following 9mm ammunition with zero jams:

1) Winchester Ranger Law Enforcement Ammo

2) Winchester X Ammo

3) Remington UMC

4) Monarch 9mm

5) Federal 9mm

I have fired about 2000 rounds of various combinations of the above ammo with zero issues.  I had about 10 jams using 125 rounds of the Ultramax ammunition.


In a nutshell, do not buy this remanufactured ammunition from Ultramax.  It is completely worthless and highly unreliable.  There must be zero quality control done on this ammunition.  For those of you who own a Glock, you may want to try a box of it (although it is also not very accurate either with the Glock, but does feed clean).  This ammunition is almost as useful just taking a handful of it and throwing it at someone since at least you know they would be hit by something versus the gun just jamming it up.

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