Long Term Report on Glock 17

Glock 17

Purchase Date: 1992

Production Date on firearm:    1989

Approximate ammount of rounds through firearm:    20,000

Current Status:    Out of Commission

Replaced Parts during ownership of Firearms:

New Magazines:    1997

New Recoil Springs:    1997

Replaced Magazine Springs:    2004

Replaced Trigger Springs/Internal Springs:    2007

Jamming Performance:    Excellent, 3 jams throughout ownership of firearm.  Actually put blame on possible improper ammo

Accuracy:    Moderate    -The performance of the firearm as far as accuracy has gone is acceptable during it's operational life.  

Broken Parts/Damage Report:    Frame has one of the four slide contacts collapsed on the left rear.  This causes the gun to currently run on only 3 of the 4 rails.  Requires Return to Manufacturer for repairs.  Current Accuracy because of this damage has dropped to Poor


Other notes to talk about:    This was the first firearm I ever owned.  This is a very light weight firearm and  has some very positive features about it.  I have found this is a favorite among most women who I have had shoot the weapon.  Please note, I recommend getting the aftermarket $25 extended slide release which enables the gun to be very user friendly for women.  A multitude of accessories and parts are readily available and very easy to maintain.  Break down is smooth and very basic for a first time shooter.  Note, there are no "traditional" safeties and they run a fully integrated multi-stage trigger safety.