Our video segment covering Aimpoint Optics and how you specifically attach them to AR/M4 rifles since I received a lot of questions over the last week.  Please click the READ MORE below to read the article and watch the video webcast for the week.

Aimpoint Configuration for an AR

By Jessie Indracusin


First off, I wanted to say that based on all the questions I have had about Aimpoint Optics and configurations on AR Rifles I received since last weeks video and article, I wanted to address it in this video segment. I hope this helps everyone understand how the Aimpoint optics are utilized and configured on the most typical platform that my viewers use, the AR-15 platform. Keep in mind, a lot of other rifles hold true the same sighting options. For example, the FS2000, although not an AR, has the similar layouts. I am showing this on an FN SCAR 16S since this also holds the same rules in place.

Aimpoint Quick Guide for AR Setup

So let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. The first part you need is an optic itself. I actually use the Aimpoint CompML3 (which you can buy from us HERE:) and the Aimpoint 3x Magnifier with Quick Release Twist Mount (which you can buy from us HERE ). The first item (the Aimpoint ML3) requires a mount kit to attach the scope to the picatinny rail. This mount kit that I use (which you can buy from us HERE )  includes everything needed to mount it on the gun. However, for an AR, you need the axis lifted up slightly higher so that the red dot lines up with your iron sights. It is HIGHLY recommended you buy this spacer. On my setup, we have this installed so that everything lines up correctly (we sell this spacer HERE ). Do not neglect to buy this little add on spacer since if you don’t, you will be angry and pissed off that things don’t line up correctly. When you are assembling this, you will take the spacer and insert it over the bottom half of the ring mount. This will cause the bottom base to be higher, therefore lifting the Aimpoint optic. You will use the longer screws included with the mount kit to attach the upper half of the ring to the spacer and lower half of the mount.

You would be surprised how many people end up missing parts when they put together their first Aimpoint. The above holds true for the Aimpoint M3, ML3, M2 and ML2. The M4 and M4s are normally sold with mount and spacer included. In fact I am not aware (does not mean they do not exist though) of an M4 sold any other way.


A few things to mention about Aimpoint and the cost of such items. Please note these are Military Grade options. This is not some cheap Chinese piece of crap that you put on an Airsoft gun. Just because an item is a black tube with a red dot in it, does not mean it is the same thing. You are paying up to five times more for an Aimpoint versus some cheap Red Dot you find at a gun show because you are buying a Red Dot scope for a long time. I have an Aimpoints that has been around for nearly 15 years and works as good as the day I first got it (to be honest, it has almost been running off the same battery that I had in it when I got it!). Aimpoint sights are parallax-free because of a special unique double lens system. This means it doesn’t matter if you are perfectly lined up behind the sight in order to shoot on target. These lens are the highest quality lens available in the industry. They are very meticulously made in Sweden and not buy some child labor in China like some of those discount ones you find at the gun shows. I normally don’t link to other you tube videos (mainly I can‘t control other people taking down videos which makes my link worthless, but to explain the concept of parallax free even better, this video exists on the Internet, is under a minute and explains it visually 

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