This weeks article is a viewer request of the conversion process of migrating the Beretta Cx4 (in either 9mm or .40cal) to use the original Beretta 92 or 96 magazines (depending on if you have the 9mm or .40cal version).  In total, this entire process takes less than 10 minutes and requires just a small flat head screw driver and the parts from Beretta.  I would encourage anyone interested in the Beretta Storm to perform this upgrade.  Click the READ MORE below to read the full article and the link to the webcast.

Beretta Cx4 Mag Conversion

by Jessie Indracusin

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT THIS ARTICLE: Beretta has recently stopped making the parts for the conversion (Magazine Insert and Magazine Release button).  The decision is most likely related to the fact that Beretta can make more money selling you new Beretta CX4/PX4 Magazines versus letting you use older magazines.  However, Beretta has not made any serious extended size magazines.  I am hoping this decision by Beretta may open the production of 20 round and 30 round magazines for the Beretta Storm.


First off, for the price, this is an excellent weapon.  The number one complaint of this gun is having a small carbine/semi-auto SMG that has such a limited capacity.  11-shots in the .40cal version and 15 shots in the 9 mm is un-acceptable.  There are plenty of high capacity magazines that were produced for the Beretta 92/93R/951R and the Beretta 96 that were of much larger capacity.  This being the case, you can pick up these large capacity magazines at various locations.


First off, you will need a Beretta Cx4 Storm in either 9mm or .40 caliber.  There are NO options for the .45 caliber version, sorry.  The reasoning behind this is Beretta has never been known to latch on to the .45 caliber until recently.  The parts that you will need can be found here at Beretta's website that lists the particular one you are looking for.  You need to make a decision of what magazine you are going to use so you get the appropriate insert.  You can buy magazines for the Beretta from Pro Mag in hi-capacity (if the State you live in is not run by Communist Hippies bent on converting your gun barrels to bongs.  The following link to their website is the Beretta magazines and you will need to move over a few pages to get to the Beretta magazines  I do want to make it clear that I do not normally support Pro Mag products, but they seem to work sufficient for the use of the Beretta Storm CX4.  It is impossible to find any factory magazines of the 20 round or 32 round flavor (40 cal or 9mm) that are either available or in good working order.  I've been told Beretta made some but have yet to actually see one in person.


After you have all the parts, you will want to watch my video.  The video is at the bottom of this article.  This process shouldn't take you more than about 10 minutes.  I strongly suggest you do this under a strong desk lamp since it is difficult to see what is going on.  I refer to following the "lever" in the video.  I refer to it as a lever versus a hammer since I didn't want to go through a whole video on explaining the individual parts of the Beretta Storm.  I understand that some viewers may be a little less experienced than others and wanted to make this understandable by all.  The notched slot area directly under the hammer has the spring clip (I have NO idea what the fancy name is for this part.  It looks like a bent out hair pin).  You will pull this clip out with a flat head screw driver.  You will slowly pull it away from the hammer towards the back of the gun just slightly and then pull it straight up when it clears.  At that point you will pull out the magazine release and the magazine insert.  The Magazine insert is removed by pushing the top of the magazine insert tab inside the magazine well (looking top down) and pushing it towards the front of the gun a hair.  That will allow you to push the insert out the bottom.  At that point, put the new insert in and slide the replacement magazine release button into the gun.  You will have to wiggle the spring clip back into the gun (which is better explained in the video) and then re-assemble the gun.  Your done (and hopefully with minor cursing as you try to get that damn spring back in)

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