Article about Tactical Options for deploying the AUG.  This article is being written to inform people some basic tactic differences between the AR/M4 and using any variant of the AUG.  Click the READ MORE below to read the article and find the video link.

Tactical Use of the AUG

by Jessie Indracusin


First off, I would like to reference credit to SWAT Magazine August 2009 issue for giving me inspiration on this particular article.  This was kind of a reminder of AUG operational differences that have been a bit of second nature, but I have had so much questions in regards to AUG firearms and variants, I thought it would be a good article and video to write about

Lessons to take Away

The AUG is different.  Not different in a bad way, just a different gun to operate.  Some may argue if all of these differences are good versus bad is up for debate.  I'll give you a bit of my own opinions on each.  I enjoy both platforms and believe the AR and AUG have their benefits and hurdles.  So what are the top 5 lessons?

Lesson 1: Vertical Foregrip

Always shoot this gun with the Vertical Foregrip deployed.  Not using the Vertical Foregrip can cause SERIOUS damage to your hands.  If you try to fold the grip up and slide your hand along the bottom of the barrel, your hand will most likely block the gas ports.  This will cause you to have a mistake you will most likely NEVER make again after you scold your finger.  There is a minimal position of gripping back further on the gun, which some may refer to as an MP5 grip.  This can be used for bench firing, but at the end of the day, you will always want to operate this gun with the Vertical Foregrip deployed.

Lesson 2: Magazine Loading

Unlike the typical loading of an AR, the AUG is a Push and Pull operation.  You push the magazine in the mag well and then pull it down to make sure the magazine is seated correctly.  If you "slap" the bottom of the magazine like a lot of people are taught on the AR platform, you will create a double feed and cause operational problems

Lesson 3: Tactical Reload

The result of doing this will vary from one AUG to another, so you will need to determine if your AUG will actual do a drop free magazine.  But the tactical load is still pretty much the same.  You use the back end of the magazine to press the magazine release and then either push the next magazine in or pull out the old one.  You can do a VERY fast tactical reload with this gun.  It is "different" than using an AR, but not too different.  This aspect I actually prefer the AR platform since it is a fraction of a second quicker, but it is not that much of a show stopper.

Lesson 4: Don't ride the Charging Handle

When you pull the charging handle back, let the handle ram quickly forward.  This is common on other platforms that operate similiarly.  If you try to slowly use the charging handle (maybe to do the operation very quietly), your probability of creating a feeding problem are exponentially increased.

Lesson 5: One hand firing

This is a MAJOR benefit of the AUG.  You can comfortably perform one hand shooting with this platform which you can not with others.  The AUG has all of the weight to the rear of the weapon, proving the superiority of the Bullpup design for tactics like this.  An example is if your second hand was being used for something else and you are caught off guard, you can easily attack short range targets in a CQB situation firing the gun one handed.  This is a MAJOR trick to try and do with the AR.  I would encourage anyone who uses an AUG to try this once, it will put a smile on your face when you do it.  Because a combat situation can always create the unexpected, having this ability of firing with one hand can keep you in the battle that with other platforms would honestly have to force you to transition to your secondary firearms as your one handed option.


This is definitely a different gun to use.  I encourage you to try to move out of your comfort zone with this gun and make yourself comfortable with the differences.  It is a well made firearm and provides a wealth of options.  The compact nature of this gun also allows a superior platform for CQB combat without sacrificing barrel length.

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