This weeks episode from Civilian Tactical Weapons will cover body armor and options for body armor.  This is not really a review of a particular brand of body armor (although I do share what I own with everyone), but more of a discussion on the topic in general and why you may want to invest in some.

Body Armor

by Jessie Indracusin


I have received numerous emails in regards to the discussion on Body Armor.  There really is various reasons one may purchase body armor.  The armor that I use is Level 3A rated Body Armor from Point Blank Systems.  I am by no means saying this is the only body armor to get.  This just happen to be a particular manufacturer of Body Armor I trusted.  So this goes back to the original question: "Why get body  armor at all?"

Reasons for Body Armor

The most common usage for Body Armor is for Private Security Forces, Military and Law Enforcement.  The reasons for the earlier are all obvious reasons.  So now why would a regular citizen of this country want some?  Here are some examples of common reasons:

1) Survivalist -This can be the person who believes in the breakdown of society and wants to protect themselves.  I am not going to go into this too much.  A more realistic view of this could be in the event of a CBERNe incident that causes a distruption for either a short or extended period of time.

2) Home Protection/Defense -Another usage is in the event of a home invasion. Some people keep body armor easily excessible in the event of an alarm event.

3) Firearms Classes -This is one of the least thought about usage of Body Armor and my actual primary reasoning for buying body armor.

Firearm Classes and Body Armor

The usage of Body Armor in a firearms class is a very intelligent option in any non-bench/lane firing class.  Think of this as wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle.  It may be a bit uncomfortable and not look cool, but if the day happens that an accident occurs, you will be more  than happy when it saves your life.  When you are attending a local shooting class, sometimes the shooting competency level of those around you may be in question.  Most classes do not require too much as far as prior experience and normally has a short 30 minute safety overview.  Since a lot of the courses have some element of a timer and a bit of movement beyond a comfort zone, this can cause a safety concern to you.  Although a AD (Accidental Discharge) that actually hit someone is very uncomfortable and not incredibly likely, I am still more of the motorcycle rider with the helmet.

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