I am actually going to keep this relatively brief.  I've been getting everything in order for Shotshow coming up here in January.  For those of you who do not know what Shot Show is, Shot Show is one of the largest Firearms Conventions for the industry.  The website is http://www.shotshow.org and describes the show and exhibitors.  We will be recording and broadcasting various videos from the Shot Show and talking with different manufacturers about their upcoming products. 

The 2010 Calendar is complete and available for purchase at http://stores.lulu.com/ctwreview for $19.99.  I have received a lot of emails about how to support us at www.civiliantacticalweapons.com and purchasing a calendar is probably one of the best ways.  We also have embroidered shirts that we print up that are available for purchase if you are interested.  They do take about 6 weeks to get printed up and shipped and I normally take orders in groups since I need to order a minimum of 4 at a time.  I charge $25.00 + shipping for the shirts that are embroidered shirts (not some cheap printed logos that come off after a few washings).  Some of the shirts you see me wear on the show have been through the washing machine dozens of times and still look the same as the day I first got it.  Keep in mind, I only order Grey, White, Creme and light grey colors because other colors tend to fade over time.

If you are seriously interested in a shirt, drop me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I can get you a form to send in for a shirt. 

Enough of my solicitation for money.  The following is this weeks video.  I have a bunch of firearm reviews and shoots that are backing up on my plate.  Our viewership has hit well over 500,000 this last year from 2008 ending at a little over 100,000 to 2009 ending over 500,000.  I am anticipating that 2010 will be well over 1,000,000 viewers.  I appreciate all the kind words from everyone and the constructive criticisms/notations that some have made.  It seems that when I run across something that I don't give a glowing review, I get nearly as much hate mail about that as people laughing and agreeing with running into the same issues.  We will continue to review firearms into 2010 and help find the coolest little gadgets and accessories for the shooters to buy.

Thought I would mention one thing that I am most sorry about reviewing in 2009 and that was the Tactical Magwell.  When I originally aired it I gave it an okay review.  Thought it was kind of a neat little gadget, but didn't feel it was for everyone.  Then recently I took the AR out to the range again, fired a bunch of rounds through it, brought it home and had to clean it.  THE DAMN TACTICAL MAGWELL WOULD NOT LET ME BREAK DOWN THE GUN!!!  I am sorry for have not noticing this when I first reviewed it since I would have dumped it in the garbage day one.  Now I have added disassembly to every accessory we test to make sure the device does not prevent you from cleaning the gun without having to have special tools to remove the device to then allow you to clean it.

Again, thank you for your support in 2009 and I look forward to 2010 (and hopefully a few changes in Congress at the same time). 

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